The Crafty Mail Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2016

the crafty mail subscription box
The Crafty Mail is a monthly subscription box that sends a themed assortment of items from different etsy vendors and other small businesses. In addition to The Crafty Mail subscription they also have a planner clip subscription and tumbler subscription. Subscriptions to The Crafty Mail are $14.95 monthly. 
*product was received free for review

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look inside the crafty mail subscription box
Our first glimpse inside The Crafty Mail Subscription Box for August
what's in the august crafty mail box
Everything that we received in our August “Back to School” themed The Crafty Mail Subscription Box. SO CUTE!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that details each item we received and a link to shop their online store.
This fun bookmark is hard to misplace! We love how well this is made, most crocheted items seems a bit flimsy but this is sturdy and can most likely withstand the children! Love the apple – perfect for back to school time!
Heart of Joy Creations is a frequent contributor to The Crafty Mail. This month the contribution is in the form of this fun pencil! If you’ve seen (or read) The Lorax you already know what this is – a Truffula Tree! 
How cute is this planner clip and fabric washi tape? Love the pattern and the bow is really nice. 
We weren’t sure what fabric washi tape was but go figure it’s just like regular washi tape – just in fabric form. Check out the Little Birdie Washi Etsy they have so many prints – it’s crazy! They also generously included a subscriber only discount to their online shop
$3.45 (each)
Ahhh! How fun are these! They are so cute and brightly colored. We swear Oliver tried to steal that bus about seventeen times! If you could see what’s going on just to the right of this picture is his hand coming close to yank it away! But seriously, these are perfect for a Back to School themed box and they are just darn cute (especially the book)! 
We love how brightly colored everything in this month’s box is! These planner stickers are a great addition to your September planner page – because goodness knows if it’s anything like ours it sure is a busy one. Crafty Beautee also included a subscriber only discount for their online shop
L’Aura Botanicals is one of our favorite makers that we’ve found through The Crafty Mail. Each item that we’ve received is uniquely smelling and useful as well as beautiful. This month’s melt got banged around a bit by the postman but still smells absolutely fabulous!
This cute notepad helps you remember all those little todos you have to prepare for those first days of school. Back to School can be stressful and taxing but this little notebook – that’s small enough to slip in your purse or car visor – can make it a whole heck of a lot easier!
We love receiving these! We pack lunch and these are a more sustainable and inexpensive alternative to the plastic zipper bags. This is waterproof and dryer safe and comes in this cool chevron pattern
We love the fabric that it’s made of as well – it’s soft yet durable!
Sally Daisy Ink always contributes a few of her cute planner stickers to The Crafty Mail each month. The real magic though, is on her Etsy Page… she makes the most amazing mugs and tumblers in the absolute cutest designs!
YUMMY! This may be our favorite tea that we’ve received from Kiper! The apple and cinnamon both come through to make this a scrumptious tea for fall!
This tea was caffeinated but if you aren’t into caffeine she has so many that are herbal teas!

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So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Crafty Mail continues to be one of our favorites and as we write this review we also browse all the vendors etsy’s making notes of things we need to buy people for Christmas. We can’t get over the variations – it keeps us guessing and that’s why we love subscriptions! The presentation is great as always the items come in cute little glassine bags! The quality is awesome… we aren’t sure but we think our favorite item this month is the apple bookmark – it’s super cute. The curation is so much fun. Great school themed stuff and it really summons all of those fall feelings! 
As far as box economy we could only find the prices of two of the items included in this month’s box since items are typically limited and created just for The Crafty Mail. However the two items that we found totalled almost $22 which is astounding! We love the Crafty Mail and definitely think it’s worth well over it’s $14.95 price tag!

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