Pip & Lola’s Everything Handmade Soap of the Month Club Review + Unboxing | August 2016

pip & lola's everything handmade soap subscription
Pip & Lola’s Soap of the Month Club is a monthly handmade soap subscription. Their “barely scented” soaps are all natural and come in almost 100 different varieties. There are three options to choose from; the standard, the dude (masculine scents), and vegan only. Subscriptions are $3.99 a month for one bar or $6.99 a month for the duet. Use code FBSOAPLOVE16 for 20% OFF your first subscription
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
what's in the soap of the month club
Of first glimpse inside the Pip & Lola’s Soap of the Month Package.
what's in the pip & lola soap of the month club
Everything that we received in our Pip & Lola Subscription. There are two different soaps bars included – also each month you’ll receive some samples as well to sort of “branch out” with all the different flavors offered. 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts that tell us about Pip & Lola who are PA based (holla) and are opening a brick and mortar store. The other explains how Pip & Lola Soaps contain no drying agents.. so don’t leave them sitting in water!
This little paper explains about the auto renewing membership and also explains how to cancel.
pip & lola's lemon poppyseed bar
Yum! We love lemon ANYTHING and this 4 ounce bar looks divine! A mixture of lemon juice, lemon essential oils, and lemongrass it’s clear this is a lemon lovers dream!
This is for someone with a more oily complexion because of the lemon which is an astringent. It’s important to note that Pip & Lola’s only uses high quality vegetable oils in their soaps as it’s a much more sustainable and eco friendly method.
This bar smells intoxicating – it’s bright and vibrant and a great one to wash your face with in the morning. And as you can see there’s Poppyseeds which lend a good deal of exfoliation!
This four ounce bar is ever so subtly spearmint scented. It’s perfect – we just want to hold it to our nose all day 
Stinging Nettles can be used on a variety of skin conditions and this bar was originally formulated for a friend of the soap makers. How nice of them to share with us!
The bar is a sage-y color and looks as though there are flecks of mint in it. We just love the scent and can’t wait to try it on our skin. As you guys know – we are prone to redness so we’re gonna test out these nettles!
We received two samples, one of which wasn’t included in this month’s subscription. It also just happens to be one of our favorite kind of soaps – honey. MMM they always have a warm scent and leave skin ultra soft. The other sample that we received is a slice of the Lemon Poppyseed like the bar above

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Pip & Lola offers a breadth of options when it comes to soap and we firmly believe that these guys have something for everyone. This would make an awesome gift or a great way to not have to worry about buying soap! The presentation is great – we love the way each bar has all of the information about each soap right on the label. The quality is amazing – it’s clear from the moment you open this subscription that there’s a good deal of passion put into these bars. We love that! Curation is great – although we have a feeling they could have sent us any of their scents and we would have loved it!
As far as box economy this is an awesome deal! There’s also reduced prices for longer subscription terms and don’t forget to use code FBSOAPLOVE16 for 20% OFF your first subscription!

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