The Body Shop’s New Tea Tree Skincare Review

the body shop tea tree skincare review
The Body Shop has introduced a new line of Tea Tree Oil products that promise to get rid of blemishes and purify your skin! Included in the line is a 3 in 1 Wash. Scrub. Mask., an Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution, and Tea Tree Oil. We’ve been testing them out now for a bit and can’t wait to tell you guys what we think!
*product was received free for review

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So let’s start off with facts

According to this Tea Tree Oil is an amazing multi purpose oil with many health benefits. A few of the more relevant benefits are reducing the symptoms of acne, psoriasis, eczema, and sunburn. Which makes it seem like the ideal candidate for a line of skincare that vanquishes blemishes, right? Right! The three items included in the Tea Tree Oil line can be used as an entire skincare regimen.. and that’s exactly how we tested them!
the body shop tea tree oil mask
This 4.2 ounce cleanser can be used one of three ways. As a face wash, as a scrub, or as a mask. There are a few key ingredients – first (obviously) is tea tree oil which has purifying qualities, Kaolin Clay helps mattify (particularly when allowed to dry on as a mask). And Perlite a natural mineral for exfoliation
It looks a bit like cookies and cream ice cream! You can see the bits of Perlite which is interestingly enough a form of Obsidian formed by the cracking of volcanic glass. We were excited to try this but a little concerned it may not be suited for our skin. We have redness issues with our skin ( you guys know that) and while this is for blemished skin we weren’t exactly sure it would work for us.
So we tried this first in our skincare routine. We love this the MOST as a mask but think it makes an amazing wash and scrub as well. The Perlite gives a gentle exfoliation and the smell is a bit Tea Tree Oily and a bit minty. After rinsing this off our skin was softer and now about five days into using the Tea Tree products we are noticing a more matte appearance to our skin. We also notice that our skin feels softer… in a really youthful supple way. It could be the face wash, or the other products or a combo of all the products in coordination, either way – we’ll take it!
body shop anti-imperfection solution
This our new baby! This 1.69 ounce jar of solution has become our new holy grail – ultimate favorite forever! Formulated with Tea Tree Oil this “pre-serum” promises to reduce redness and blemishes in four weeks. 
Love the packaging. It’s very apothecary-esque and makes us feel like we’re using something that our body will be thanking us for later. 
The solution is clear and very lightweight. It smells.. like tea tree oil. If you are unfamiliar with the smell it’s somewhat cedar-y and woodsy with a bit of bitter. All you need to cover your face is two or three drops and it takes no time to be absorbed. This is definitely our favorite of all the products that we received. We noticed results instantly, it’s like using an oil blotting paper! Skin is matte. After using it a few days we can honestly say our skin is clearer and just LESS RED. So thrilled about it! We can’t wait to see how great our skin is in four weeks (which is the recommended amount of time it takes for the solution to fully work)
the body shop tea tree oil
The final item in the Tea Tree Oil line is the cult classic – straight up – Tea Tree Oil. This can serve either as a serum or part of your moisturizing routine. We actually mixed a few drops in with our moisturizer and that worked for us. 
The Body Shop uses Community Trade Organic Tea Tree Oil from Kenya for ultimate purifying properties. This is a very light oil and is easily absorbed by the skin. Skin feels more taut after using and very silky!

So in summary

We’re really surprised to find out Tea Tree Oil has all of these awesome beauty benefits and particularly happy they could work for us! We can’t tell you how happy we are that we found the Anti-Imperfection Solution. This line is awesome and a great way to get your skin ready for Back to School time! We are really impressed with each of the products and think that even though they are formulated for blemished skin these could probably be used universally! Check out Instagram for four week results!

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