HydroPeptide On the Glow Travel Set Review

The HydroPeptide On the Glow Travel Set combines the award winning HydroPeptide Products in one simple, easy to use, on the go system. The On the Glow Travel Set is perfect for vacations, business trips or anytime you’ll be on the move. All six items included cost just $78

So what do you get?

The HydroPeptide On the Glow Travel Set contains

This 0.17 ounce jar of the HydroPeptide Purifying Mask uses a formulation of Peptides, Enzymes and Green Tea to plump relax and hydrate the skin. A total of six Peptides comprise the mixture with a Bentonite and Kaolin clay base. Includes no parabens, phthalates, or sulfates
hydropeptide face lift
This 0.3 ounce container of the best selling ultra light moisturizer contains a healthy helping of multi-performing Peptides (9 in total) and a triple sized Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and smooth. Also includes antioxidants, Licorice, Bearberry, and vitamin C
hydropeptide exfoliating cleanser
We received a 1.69 ounce bottle of the refreshing and energizing New Beauty Award winning exfoliating cleanser which has a formulation of Glycolic Acid, Peptides and Jojoba Beads that help with anti-aging and promote healthy glowing skin
This 1.69 ounce bottle of the Shecky’s Award winning Pre-Treatment Toner is a combination of Peptides, Lactic Acid and Orange Stem Cell that create a toner which brightens skin while exfoliating. The inclusion of Mulberry, Licorice, Green Tea and Vitamin C even out skin for a polished look
hydropeptide eye authority
This best seller came in a 0.17 ounce container and contains an amazing 13 Peptides that address every eye concern at once. Also includes Hesperidin for dark under eye circles and Crushed Pearls that illuminate the eye area and diminish dark circles. The cherry on the cake is a bit of Hyaluronic Acid which hydrates the delicate eye skin.
And of course everything comes in the portable and gorge On the Glow Bag!

Okay so now what?

Now let’s test them out! We decided to use the whole system – and see how our skin felt afterwards! 
We started with the exfoliating cleanser which smells amazingly of citrus. This is a really nice consistency and is neither thick nor thin
We got a good deal of exfoliation from the Jojoba Beads and afterwards our skin was visibly brighter!
Next use used the toner. This was the easiest of the products to use but made us the most nervous. because many toners include alcohol which lights our skin on fire. Luckily this contained NONE and we really enjoyed how refreshing it was!
We immediately followed up with the Purifying Mask. We love masks and were really excited to try this one out.
You only need a thin layer of this mask to get the job done. You just leave it on for 10 minutes twice a week and this stuff will remove all the impurities and gunk that’s deep in your pores. 
We’ve actually been using Eye Authority for over a week to really see the results and have to say that this stuff is amazing. We are in the “pre-aging” stage … so we don’t have many wrinkles or fine lines but have definitely noticed a much more luminous appearance to our eye area! Pearls are where it’s at apparently!
Our final product was the Face Lift which we’ve also been using for days to really get a feel for it’s effects on the skin. We used this in place of our normal moisturizer. The first plus of this is that you use only a very small amount – much less than with most moisturizers. The second thing we love about this is the absolute firmness we received along with hydration. Our skin literally feels like silk. Definitely our favorite item in the pack!

So in summary

We think this is perfect for the traveler and the luxury skin care lover because these products are absolutely fabulous. Perfect for someone who is looking for a great anti-aging routine or needs something while they are on the go! Love each of the products included as well as the cute bag! A must buy!

Check Out The On the Glow Travel Set from HydroPeptide

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