Goodie Girl Cookie Review

goodie girl cookies
Goodie Girl Cookies are a fun, hip and nutritious alternative to your average grocery store baked good. Not only are Goodie Girl Cookies gluten free, and nut free, they’re also void of artificial ingredients and they’re also women owned and operated! We can’t help but smile either to find out the Founder of Goodie Girl Cookies – Shira Berk’s favorite band is Fugazi. You can buy Goodie Girl Cookies online at the Goodie Girl Shop for $29.94 per 6 boxes or use their store locator to find the nearest retailer near you.
*product was received free for review

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Okay so about the cookies!

We have to say we love the packaging. We are drawn in by the bright bold colors and retro graphics. The names of the cookies sound tasty but also healthy which is pretty intriguing right? YES. The answer is YES
goodie girl cookies oatmeal raisin
The Goodie Girl Cookies Oatmeal Raisin is a little bit like a classic Oatmeal Raisin cookie but then again not at all! Spicy and really delicious (and we aren’t huge oatmeal cookie fans just to be clear). 
Wondering about calories? 4 of these cookies costs you just 130 calories! A really tasty guilt free snack!
These were a hit across the board. The kids loved them and the adults. Something about the spice is nostalgic and warming and just makes a perfect cookie!
midnite brownie
Definitely the most unique and stand out of all the Goodie Girl Cookies that we tried is the Midnite Brownie. Made with a dark cocoa brownie and full of Belgium chocolate chunks this cookie has a deep, rich, buttery flavor!
While you get less cookies (2 per 130 calories) than the Oatmeal Raisin, if you are a chocolate lover these may be a new holy grail for you!
They look a bit like charcoal but don’t be fooled these little buggers are about as tasty as they come! You can see the chunks of gooey Belgium chocolate – YUMMY!
Ancient Grains + Chocolate Nuggets? Something about these healthy + delicious equations makes us extremely happy! These cookies are full of giant pieces of chocolate which should make all you guys out there rejoice!
For the serving size (2 cookies) you’ll be eating only 130 calories so these are a great little snack with less guilt than many other store bought cookies
This was Penelope’s favorite cookie. It’s soft and buttery and maybe it’s the quinoa but it has a nutty (almost coconut-ty flavor) but includes no coconut. So if you love sweet nutty flavors this is the one for you!
goodie girl cookies mint slims
Ahhh! These taste very similar to a certain minty Girl Scout Cookie and as a former Cookie Mom – we can say that with certainty. The minty center and dipped chocolate outside makes quite a decadent little treat!
4 of the Mint Slims is 150 calories. Compare that to the Thin Mint which is 4 cookies for 160 calories 
DING DING DING – we have a winner!
Definitely tasty  (and available year round)!
toffee chaos goodie girl cookies
Our favorite – buttery, crunchy, caramelized toffee makes this cookie out of this world. There’s also crispy rice (a lot like a Krackel bar) and chocolate to round it out and make it quite exquisite
Once again a serving size is 2 cookies and contains 130 calories. However, these are the largest of all the cookies.
What a yummy wonderful cookie. We really loved each cookie that we tried from Goodie Girl Cookies but if you were to ask us which ONE – it’s this one. A perfect blend of sweet and salt! 

So in summary

We have only good things to say about Goodie Girl Cookies. From the packaging to the fun flavors and the fact that it isn’t junk food is all very refreshing. Finding desserts that fit all of the above is hard and so when we find them we latch on – because it’s something we can share with our whole family. Each cookie that we tried was scrumptious and while these are gluten and nut free they’re still certainly a cookie that everyone can enjoy! And in their own words… “Just the right amount of wrong.”

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