Bleu Beaute Skincare Review

bleu beaute skincare review
Bleu Beaute is a custom beauty supplier that makes a skincare range that is all natural, organic and high quality. We received a few of their products to review for you guys and you know us… all about that skincare! 
*product was received free for review

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bleu beaute sweet almond oil
We have to admit – we were taken aback with how large this bottle is. It’s 16 ounces to be exact. This multi-purpose oil can be used on skin and hair. Made from 100% natural Sweet Spanish Almond Oil that is cold pressed and therapeutic grade. Because Sweet Almond Oil is high in proteins it makes it and ideal moisturizer for protein rich hair. It not only moisturizes it also can improve hair growth as well as work as a detangler. 
It’s a thin oil consistency and when used on the skin is soaked up quickly. We tried this on both our hair and our skin and were really impressed. Our hair didn’t look the least bit greasy.. we applied to just our end though. We typically use Argan Oil but we love that Sweet Almond Oil reduces redness and irritation in addition to hydrating the skin. It’s interesting as well that it does not have a scent… we totally thought it would smell sweet!
bleu beaute retinol serum
Isn’t the package gorgeous? We totally think so. Retinol is one of those things we’ve recently started loving in our skincare routine… it really does work wonders. Retinol is a whole Vitamin A molecule and is the best Vitamin for skin defense (we didn’t know that before!) This is a two ounce bottle which should last FOREVER. The Bleu Beaute formula of Retinol 2.5%, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, and Phospholipids work to fight fine lines and heal skin. 
The formulation is a little bit gel like and has no scent – in fact these contain no parabens or fragrances, are 100% cruelty free and 72% organic. It’s easy to apply – simply wait a few minutes after washing your face and apply a pea sized amount avoiding corners of eyes, nose and mouth. Can be used morning and night
bleu beaute hyaluronic acid
We received a 2 ounce bottle of a 72% Organic Hyaluronic Acid that contains not only the highly moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid but also Organic Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamins C & E. Hyaluronic Acid is found in connective tissue and is a chief component of the tissue that provides structural support to cells which is why it works so great at keeping skin youthful and healthy
This the first time we’ve received a Hyaluronic Acid that was so viscous but we love the way our skin soaks this one up. There’s nothing left at all … so that means no icky residue. 
The Bleu Beaute Hyaluronic Acid does meet the Whole Foods Premium Standard, it’s also 100% cruelty free and vegan and 72% Organic
bleu beaute vitamin c serum
Vitamin C Serums are like the jack of all trades in skin care. They are great for anti-aging, they work towards brightening skin, evening out skin tone and correcting dark spots. The Bleu Beaute formulation is enriched with Organic Aloe, an Amino Blend, Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid and Vitamin E. 
Like other Vitamin C Serums we’ve tried it has a slightly orangish color and is a bit thick. It has no smell and like all other Bleu Beaute products it’s 100% vegan and cruelty free and 72% organic. You can wear Vitamin C serum under makeup and apply once daily
bleu beaute oil free repairing moisturizer
Our absolute favorite item that we received is this amazing moisturizer! Great for men or women this moisturizer has no oil and fights inflammation associated with acne by including Feverfew Extract. This is great for oily skin types and people that are acne prone. However we have dry skin and find it amazing!
It comes in a 1.7 ounce pump bottle and we have to say we love the packaging 
The pump is really nice – keeps us from accidently getting too much! 
Full of  Royal Jelly, Retinol, distilled cucumber and rose, sprinkle in some Clove essential oils (which you can smell – it smells amazing), Mandarin Essential Oils and Irish Moss make this all natural moisturizer rich in Earth derived ingredient that are whole and restorative!

So in summary

We loved each of the items that we received from Bleu Beaute. The packaging is gorgeous and we can’t say enough how we love that they are committed to making products with organic ingredients. We really feel like these products are designed to work not so much as a band aid like typical skincare but are focused on healing and creating a more healthy overall skin. We also love their vegan and cruelty free stance! It’s great to know that our skincare didn’t harm anyone or anything on it’s way to us! We think all of the products are a great quality – particularly the Sweet Almond Oil and the Oil Free Moisturizer especially when you take into consideration their amazing price!

Sound good?

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