Royal Treasure Chest Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | September 2016

royal treasure chest review
Royal Treasure Chest is a brand new vintage subscription box that fills your life with timeless treasures! Each month you’ll receive three items – choose from Olde Books, Curios and KnickKnacks, Jewelry, Tie Bars and Cufflinks, Paper Ephemera, Ladies Accessories, Gentleman’s Accessories, or (our favorite and what we are reviewing today) Surprise Me! Each box is $40
If you use code EARLYBIRD25 you’ll receive 25% OFF your first three months!
*product received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look inside the royal treasure chest box
Our first look inside the Royal Treasure Chest Box. We love the inside… it’s sort of dreamy and ethereal!
what's in the royal treasure chest box
Everything that we received in the Royal Treasure Chest Box. We may have a new favorite item after this review guys :AHEM: 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert explains a little about how our treasures were found. 
To quote directly from the paper-

“On a beautiful summers day, we explored a quaint and tiny little village called Emeigh, which is located in Central Pennsylvania. We discovered an old secluded home of a family that immigrated to the USA in the late 1800’s from Eastern Europe. We know that there were several daughters who were very close to each other in the family who never married. One was a local schoolteacher who even today older people in the community still remember. The attic was full of their treasures dating back to when the family first arrived. Many were romantic and nostalgic items that the sisters would have enjoyed. We love passing these memories on to you and hope you enjoy their story.” 

 This was just a little something extra in our box and we loved how it was wrapped! 
Inside the package was a beautiful vintage scarf. The company who made this was called Echo Originations who after a little research we’ve found is still around… they’ve just rebranded as Echo Design Group.The colors are bold and striking and this has a very Eastern European feel to it, with the small flowers and the deep reds and yellows
The original tag is still on this… which we think is so cool!
As you can see it has a blocked pattern of yellow and black squares with red flowers. Beautiful, particularly for the cooler fall months!
vintage arabian nights book
Ahhh oh be still our little heart! Our new reigning champion is this vintage One Thousand and One Nights Hardcover Book. It is the coolest item we’ve ever received in a box and believe me… we’ve received a lot of stuff! Partially it’s the excellent shape the book is in and how clear the colors are 
Another is that it’s inscribed… all the hearts for this!
And then inside it has these dreamy illustrations that are in tip top shape… we just can’t handle how beautiful this book is!
So yeah, we are off to a great start in this subscription box!
The book is in excellent condition and if you read the inscription it was given as a gift in 1921, we couldn’t find the date it was published but let’s just say it’s antique! We’ll be handling this with the utmost care!
How cool is this tie? It’s a pretty shade of yellow gold and has blue crowns on it. Check our Instagram to see a photo of Mr. I’m Not a Tree wearing it! We were surprised by the width. This would qualify nowadays as a skinny tie!
This pretty bead necklace was icing on a very yummy cake! The colors are dainty and it reminds us of rummaging through our grandmother’s jewelry when we were little
It has this clasp so that you can wear one strand or all four – the choice is yours. The white is very much like a Pearl and the orange stone is very similar to Carnelian.
We think this would look great over a simple dress or shirt as a great statement accessory. Don’t mind our ugly shirt it’s been really hot here the past few days!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Royal Treasure Chest Subscription Box has a wonderful dreamy feeling. The items that we received left us wondering about the people that used them and wore them and it gives us this strong feeling of connection to the past. The presentation is beautiful, everything is packaged nicely and arrives exactly as it should. The quality is fabulous! That book is just astonishingly perfect, we didn’t know what to expect when we received this box but it’s definitely won our heart! The curation is wonderful. The Surprise Me option really was a perfect blend of items from a few of the different categories. We don’t think we would have chosen the Books Box… but after receiving this one we kind of want more! This box is awesome – perfect as a gift for the vintage lover in your life or as a monthly box of inspiration… these items sure are beautiful enough to evoke your passionate side!
And don’t forget use code EARLYBIRD25 to receive 25% OFF your first three months!

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