Holstee Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | August 2016

holstee mindfulness subscription
Holstee is a monthly mindfulness subscription that sends a themed kit intended to keep you focused, motivated and most importantly inspired! Subscriptions are $12 monthly or $9 if you pay up front for a full year. Read our other Holstee Reviews Here
*product was received free for review

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
our first glimpse inside the September Holstee
First glimpse inside the September Holstee packet
what's in the september holstee subscription
Everything that we received in the September Holstee Subscription. This month’s theme is “Balance” a perfect idea for this back to school time when everyone’s routine has been disrupted!

So tell us more!

Included in each Hosltee kit is an envelope. In case you want to gift the print to someone you think could use the reinforcement
holstee workwook
In each kit you get a little pamphlet that explains the theme and also includes and action list of items to help you achieve the month’s goal
Balance requires effort on our part, an overseeing of habits and behaviors – followed by adjustments. This month’s action list included a scale of where we feel we are on a “Being and Doing” spectrum. We are asked to mark that as well as where we would like to be. Then below list three ways  we can focus on getting to that ideal balance.
Our art print this month includes a quote from Albert Einstein and is kind of optical illusion-y. We like how striking it is and think it makes a great addition to your work space area or just a cool accent to any minimalist room! If you look closely it looks like the bike is moving! It’s really rad!

So in summary

We can’t do our normal breakdown on a subscription like Holstee because it’s so unique. We do love that it’s inspiring and is a way to focus on making ourselves better versions of … ourselves. We like how the themes fit the time of the year we’re in (but that could just be us projecting). This one came at a perfect time! We love that Holstee forces us to dig a little deeper in ourselves. The element of surprise is great as well, you never know just what the theme will be and what fires it will spark in our souls! We recommend this for everyone – we all can use these little reminders of the bigger picture and Holstee is definitely a great way to do that!

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