SafetTat Write On Tattoo Review

SafetyTat is an online retailer of many different labels and temporary tattoos. We received a 6 pack of their Write On Safety Tattoos to try out and review for you guys! We were surprised we had never heard of this before or thought of something like it ourselves. The idea is simple but so genius. You just apply the tattoo when you go anywhere you feel there’s a chance your child could get lost. After you apply you write your phone number – in the event the child goes missing and is found your number is right there! It’s a scary thing to think about we know; but as a parent of four we know how wily children are and how stressful public outings can be. Consider SafetyTat one less stress!
*product was received free for review

Okay so tell us more!

safetytat 6 pack
SafetyTat makes these Write On Tats as well as Temporary Tattoos applied with water. They also make labels for all the things your child might lose (which is everything, admit it.)
In our kit we received

6 Alcohol Wipes
6 SafetyTat Temporary Tattoos
SafetyTat Marker
These are the tattoos – you can’t see them because there’s paper on both sides but on our set there’s a dinosaur, mouse, surfboard, frog and a beach scene there are also tons of different options to choose from on their site!
The instructions are clear and simple. No water is necessary and it’s truly a snap!
Here’s the marker we received to add our number to the tattoo. Oliver’s tattoo has been on for over a day and not a smudge of marker has disappeared. In fact these can last up to TWO WEEKS… hello extended camping trip!
Some alcohol wipes –  to help remove the tattoo

Okay so now what?

To apply your SafetyTat pull strip from package and apply to arm (or where ever you’d like but we think the arm is a great place. Rub it (it’s body heat activated )
Then you peel off your top piece of paper to reveal your blank SafetyTat. By the way Oliver thought this was so cool! He wore long sleeved pajamas to bed after this and kept asking if his tattoo would still be there… we haven’t had the heart to take it off yet but you can just peel these off!
Finally, you just write your number on there! Ta-da! And now that you guys 
have our number – call us every two minutes!

So in summary

We think SafetyTat is an AWESOME product – seriously, that added peace of mind is appreciated. We love learning about products like this – and if you have kids I’m sure that you do too! We adore the fun designs and that these last so long. The best part is that these work on any skin tone because of their opaque quality. We think these are definitely a great thing to have on hand or to keep in your glove compartment. You just never know when they’ll come in handy!

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