Aroma Ridge Coffee Box Review + Unboxing | August 2016

aroma ridge coffee box
Aroma Ridge is a specialty coffee roaster who also just happens to have a monthly coffee subscription box! Each month you’ll receive 4 – 2 ounce packages of coffee (whole bean or ground available) in different themed flavors. Subscriptions are $19.99 or you can choose to double and receive 4 ounces of each of the 4 coffees for $29.99
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the aroma ridge coffee box
Our first glimpse inside the Aroma Ridge Coffee Box. It was a rather large box!
All of our coffees were in this beautifully wrapped package. And we can see the theme is “Summer Vibes” we could smell amazing fruity scents and couldn’t wait to bust this guy open!
what's in the aroma ridge coffee box
Everything that we received in our Aroma Ridge Coffee Box
Ahhhh! We feel like we died and went to caffeine heaven!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts that tell Aroma Ridge’s story and include their hashtag #babasaidso
aroma ridge island blend
We have to say that we love the colorful packages and the big cards that tell us about each coffee blend! This coffee is a medium blend of Jamaican Blue Mountain (which is one of our favorites of all time), Hawaiian, and Costa Rica Tarrazu. 
The back of all the cards allow for you to write notes and explain the tasting notes and other information about each of the coffees included. 
aroma ridge white raspberry chocolate
This may be the most fragrant of all the coffees that we received. Did we mention that our coffee was ground? It was.. probably important to mention that! This coffee is Central American in origin and is a medium roast.
Raspberries dipped in chocolate? YES – sign us up! We have to say we like that they include flavors because while we love origins and plain black coffee – fun flavors shake it up a bit!
aroma ridge banana nut rum
This smells great as well. We have to say though it’s not so much banana as it is fruity and the warm rich rum is like a little kiss! Yummy!
Another medium Central American roast this coffee has a full bodied flavor without any bitter after taste!
aroma ridge malawi peaberry
This was the coffee we were most eager to try! It’s a medium dark roast from Southern Central Africa and boasts a full mellow body with low acidity. 
This is also the only straight up origin coffee included (we didn’t count the flavors because they’re flavors and not straight up!) So naturally, this is the coffee that we wanted to try for you guys!

Okay so tell us more!

This stuff smells like so rich delightful and we were really excited to try it out! We’d never heard of this before and you know us… always trying new things!
This was fantastic! It really does have a low acidity (which we really like). It still maintains a bold flavor but doesn’t leave a taste in your mouth afterwards. A great cup for your morning routine!
Oh and we can’t forget this delicious almond biscotti! We swore we’d break this in half and eat it in two separate sittings… didn’t happen. It was that good!
In our defense though, we shared with the kids!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Aroma Ridge Coffee Box is a pleasant monthly treat with tastes and flavors that are just to die for! The quality is amazing. Each coffee is roasted to perfection and the flavors are divine. The presentation is great, we love the colorful packages and the large cards with all the information on them. Finally, the curation is so much fun! The coffees that we received had a fruity and island feel which fit perfectly into this month’s theme! We thought Aroma Ridge was awesome and think you will too!

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