Go Floats – Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball Review

The Go Floats Giant Soccer Ball stands over six feet tall. We were so excited to try it out and knew our kids would love this! What we weren’t prepared for was how much we loved it!
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Just unfolding it you know this guys is going to be large.
It doesn’t come with a pump but we definitely recommend using an electronic one.
This was about 5 minutes into inflating it.
And this is about 15 minutes! At this point the neighborhood kids were standing at the sidelines of our yard waiting for their turn to play!
Here is Isabelle, we were having fun laying on the ground and letting the ball run us over. Also Mr. I’m Not a Tree was putting the kids on the top so they could see just how tall it really was!
It came with a few patches and glue to mend any holes you might get. But as far as we can see it’s extra durable and pretty sturdy!

So in summary

Perfect for parties and family events. This definitely brought smiles to not only the kids but also to the adults as well. Something about the giant size unlocks that feeling of wonder you have when you are a child. Buy this knowing you will have a good time and will definitely laugh!

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