Divine You Crafts Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | September 2016

divine you crafts subscription box review
Divine You Crafts is a monthly conscious crafting kit. Each month you can expect to receive items that allow you to create keepsakes and spiritual tools, You’ll also receive visualizations and meditations along with a Divine You card and a monthly stone. Subscriptions are $39.99 a month. And if you sign up now for a 3 month subscription you’ll receive the 4th free! Choose the 3 month subscription at checkout and use code FREEKIT. Offer ends 9/30. There’s also an option to buy the Party of Five! Which is the Divine You Crafts Subscription for 5 people for $199
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look inside the divine you subscription
Our first glimpse inside the Divine You Subscription for September. This is our second package from Divine You, you can read our first review here. This month’s offering came in an envelope and not a box. We couldn’t wait to see what treasures it held!
what's in the september divine you crafts subscription
Everything that we received in our September Divine You Crafts Subscription Box. This month’s theme was “Share” and we received an amazing mini jewelry kit and everything necessary to make not only make two cool abundance necklaces but so much more as well!

Okay, so what is all this stuff?

Our Abundance Necklace instructions. 
Our list of items that we received in this month’s Divine You Crafts Subscription
A simple thank you card. Share this with someone whom has helped you. Let them know how much you truly appreciate it!
jewelry pliers toolset
We received this set of three different pliers to help assemble and work with our different jewelry pieces. There’s a wire cutter, a round nose pliers and another that we aren’t sure the name of…
Five Divine You Crafts Emblem Stickers. 
Each month you’ll receive a card to add to your Divine You Deck. This month – because the theme is sharing we received two! The card says share and share we shall. Keep one for your deck and pass one on to a friend! 
green adventurine stones
Believed to be the luckiest of all stones, Green Adventurine creates opportunities. Mostly associated with the heart chakra, it’s great for optimism, creativity, motivation, humor and gratitude. Wear it in your pocket or hand to gain the most from it’s benefits and don’t forget… pass the other on to a friend!
Pictured here is everything we’ll be assembling to create our abundance necklace. There are two cords, two headpins, four jump rings, two Adventurine beads, two Tree of Life charms, and two Abundance charms. All look gorgeous!
In another baggie we received numerous charms and beads to create many other jewelry pieces. We particularly like the Ohm and infinity symbols!
In our final baggie was everything to create jewelry. There are two silver chains, some cord, a copper jump ring and many silver jump rings, headpins, and earring findings. We’ve never made jewelry before so this is exciting for us!

Okay so now what?

Now we make an abundance necklace!
So Divine You Crafts has really done a great job of making an online visual (we really needed that because we learn visually and not from reading) gallery of videos to help you complete your project. We will say, once you get it – it’s easy. It’s a skill like any other and requires a little practice. If you have already made jewelry then never fear – you are prepared!
First things first we knot our cord with an adjustable knot and then tighten it with the pliers. 
Now we insert our headpin into the Adventurine bead. 
Using the pliers you create a loop and then wrap the wire around as a place to put your jump ring.
Ta-da! It may not be the best but we did it!
Our next step is to layer the tree charm over top of the abundance charm
Add the jump ring and then add them to the cord. Using the pliers you’ll close the jump ring. This was the most difficult part 
But there was a video for it as well!
We do the same thing with the Adventurine bead and then again with the other necklace until we have two completed necklaces!
Here are our two necklaces! We think these are gorgeous! Our Mother in Law is coming this week for  a visit so we’ve decided to gift her our second necklace

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Divine You Crafts Subscription Box is a great way to keep your mind actively thinking about the bigger picture in life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the tiny details of our daily lives this gently reminds us of how much more is out there! The presentation is excellent. Everything arrives exactly as it should. The quality is awesome  – all of our tools are amazing and our beads are GORGEOUS! The curation is definitely our favorite part though, this subscription has so many layers to it. We have our kit which really centers on that sharing theme but we also have the stones and the cards and all the quotes and questions included in our instructions to really help us reflect on this kit! We love this, there’s so much time and love and effort put into this subscription and we appreciate that! Definitely a great way to keep yourself motivated and spiritually focused!

And don’t forget  if you sign up now for a 3 month subscription you’ll receive the 4th free! Choose the 3 month subscription at checkout and use code FREEKIT. Offer ends 9/30

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