The Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Subscription Box Review | September 2016

TTG FAn fun subscription box review
The Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Subscription Box is a monthly box of themed bath products from quirky Etsy Boutique The Ticklish Giraffe. Each month you can expect to receive an assortment of fun bath products that are not only whimsical but a bit silly too! Subscriptions are $29.99 monthly. Each box does come with a $5 off code good for any Ticklish Giraffe purchase over $5 (not valid on shipping or the Fan Fun Box)
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the fan fun box for september
Our first glimpse inside the Fan Fun Subscription Box for September. This month’s theme is “Donut Be Jelly” and features numerous donut shaped bath bombs!!
Everything that we received in our “Donut Be Jelly” themed September box. These are not only scrumptious looking but they have 0 calories! Seriously though, if we saw this sitting in a store we’d snag these up in a heartbeat!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that explains each of the items that we received
The back has the code for our $5 off coupon
One of the things that we love most about this box are the props that are included. There’s always an item or two to really get you into the spirit of the box and this month’s is  in the form of a paper hat! 
Oliver had to have a turn as well!
This blueberry scented, donut shaped bath bomb is EVERYTHING. Recently we’ve been letting the kids try out bath bombs so we let them choose one from this box and ding, ding, ding we have a winner!
Without further ado
This is laden with glitter and smells so sweet and yummy. The kids loved this! Not sure if this will have sound – but if so we apologize in advance! The kids were totally off to the side just waiting … there’s even a little hand or foot that pops in there if you watch long enough
This cake batter scented bomb is GORGEOUS. You know we had to use this one for you guys. Look at the purple and glitter! We will say that this left glitter in the water and made for a very magical bath experience! 
All of the bombs included in the box are 4.5 ounces (yes even the donuts) and they each take about 2 minutes to fully dissolve so the color show is rather long! We can’t get enough!
With festive pumpkin and sugary sweet marshmallow as our scents for this bomb it is sure to be a decadent fall experience. We haven’t used this one yet but judging by the looks of this one it’s pink.. right? 
donut bath bomb
The name of this bath bomb gave us one of the best belly laughs we’ve had in a while. Poor donut. The kids had to eeny meeny minie moe between this and the “Imma Need to Do Crunches” Bomb. They’re already setting a date to use this. Scented with a strong strawberry top note and finishes with the warm buttercream ahhhh!
This Sugar Mama Coffee Scrub is infused with ground coffee that helps to exfoliate skin and aids in reducing inflammation and redness.
This smells like coffee! Yum! Great for a top of the morning scrub!
How did we get Oliver to put the hat on for us you ask? Well, it’s a simple parenting trick we like to call Bribery. The object up for grabs? This donut truck. Mama’s happy, Oliver’s happy… it’s a win on all sides! But seriously, this is a cute little addition and we love the colors!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. We love this box for so many reasons but mostly because it’s zany… there aren’t many boxes that embrace their kookiness quite like The Ticklish Giraffe Fan Fun Subscription Box. Beyond that the presentation is always amazing. We love the little touches they put in the box like the toy van and the hat. The quality is awesome. These are handmade, high quality bath products… and we think they speak for themselves! And of course curation, our favorite part of this subscription box. Each month we are surprised, we don’t think they can outdo the month before and they always deliver. We couldn’t choose a favorite box if we tried because we love them all! This is the perfect box for you if you enjoy a little pampering and have a silly, funny, or quirky spirit!

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