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zen melodies meditation
So at this stage in my life I’ve sort of signed myself over to… well myself. These first few years of my thirties have been ones of reclaiming my body and my life. I eat cleaner (sort of), I’m doing things I love, spending time with people I love and just trying to enjoy my life and be the best person I can. I’ve let go of negative people and I’m trying pretty hard to let go of negative feelings and concepts. All in all I’m peaking!

I do have four children though. There are tense and chaotic moments – EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 
What’s a Mom to do? Where do you find a quiet place… and I’m not talking about in your house… I mean in your soul? My mind was always full of the constant din of upcoming events… in fact it is right now. I turned to yoga and walking. Both have allowed me to enjoy my crazy life more and I am doing something that benefits ME SOLELY. It’s a nice thing I do for myself. Yoga and meditation go hand and hand but I’ll admit I’m no expert yet I’m trying. I’ve found it relaxing and I gain clarity that very few other things provide. 
So, when I was contacted by the people over at Zen Melodies about checking out a few of their CD’s I was more than thrilled and on that particular day had, had some trying family troubles! YES – let me get some zen in ma’ life! 
I received two discs with binaural beats that you achieve different states of mind
Brainwave frequencies are determined by the different electrical activity in your brain. Every brainwave frequency is assigned to different states of mind. Many of these tones required to help ease you into a state of relaxation are too quiet to hear but they are here in these two discs. 
The first disc is a intended to help relieve migraines. While I don’t suffer from migraines – totally understand why this is a best seller

If you are interested in learning more about how this works click here
The instructions to both disc are quite simple but it is highly recommended that you use headphones
The second disc is the actual brain entrainment video and we love it

I read the entire page on how this works and only somewhat understand it … but  I will say it does something. I love that these are a quick and easy way to get in some relaxing time and I feel much less tense after using them! If meditation and relaxation are something you are interested in check out the videos above and see what you think – I think you’ll love them and I’m really glad that I got my own to use! 
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