Dream Keepers Box Review + Unboxing | September 2016

dream keepers box review
Dream Keepers Box is a monthly STEAM Activity Box as well as a Black History Education Box. Each month you will received themed STEAM activities, Books, Cards with African American Leaders and Different Jobs that fit within the theme, and other fun items. Each box is $39.95
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look inside the dream keepers box
Our first look inside and we can see that we are learning about Zoology, Animal Biology, and Veterinary Medicine!
what's in the september dream keepers box
Everything that we received in our Dream Keepers Box. This is such a cool mix. We received collectible cards, two books, a paddle ball, finger puppet and two different activities!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that tells us a little about the box and what’s included
We received three career cards. A Marine Biologist card, a Veterinarian Card, and a Zoologist card. Each explains that careers salary and how to attain each career
There were also six people cards – African Americans who have been instrumental in the fields listed above. We received a card for; Maydianne Andrade a Zoologist and Evolutionary Biologist (WOWEE), Aziza Glass a Veterinarian, Diarra Blue a Veterinarian, Ernest Just a (Major Contributor) in Marine Biology, Michael Lavigne a Veterinarian, Aubrey Ross a Veterinarian, and Lisa Stevens a Zoologist who is responsible for the Pandas at the Smithsonian Zoo in DC. We actually lived in DC and loved the pandas at the zoo so, thanks Lisa!
Because why not!?
clubhouse mysteries book
This cute book features the Clubhouse Gang as they host an animal show to raise funds for their local wildlife rescue center with a rescued fawn as their main attraction. Penny really likes this so far! 
This book is VERY COOL. Basically, you are introduced to someone who works in a STEM field. In this case it’s Biologist Danielle Lee and you are taken through her steps getting there, what’s she’s doing now, and what she’s working towards in the future. Awesome series to inspire young minds. 
Seriously, how cool is this! Penny was FASCINATED! 
A fun little extra included in the box!
This activity gets us thinking about animals that live in cold environments and how they stay warm. What is blubber? We are about to find out!
In this kit we received two styrofoam bowls, gloves, two small cups, two thermometers, and a package of shortening. 
In our pamphlet we received all the instructions to complete our experiment. 
Our first was measuring the difference in temperature of the water vs. the shortening in the freezer to see how warm the blubber keeps the animals. We took a control temperature and then from the freezer in 15 minute intervals, This really gets kids thinking about how different materials are insulators.
The second activity in this kit was an experiment where we put shortening in a finger of one of the gloves and put both gloves on. You then dip your finger in the water to see the difference. The hand that has the finger with the shortening is much, much warmer! 
This kit gives us everything we need to dissect an owl pellet… including an owl pellet! It’s been heat sterilized to minimize bacteria… and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve always wanted to do this because it seems extremely interesting!
In this kit there is; an owl pellet (in foil), gloves, wooden stick, styrofoam tray, tweezers, disinfecting wipes, bone chart, cup
In this kit we also receive a pamphlet explaining the dissection and the dissection worksheet that walks you through each step from measuring the pellet to determining what sort of creature is inside the pellet.
Here is our pellet unwrapped. In case you aren’t familiar with owl pellets… owls eat small rodents and other creatures. They do not have teeth so they are swallowed whole. Once the owl has retained the nutrients from the animal,  it can’t digest the fur or bones -so it regurgitates them, 
Our worksheet instructs us to dissect the pellet and extract the bones and separate the fur. We also measure the pellet and assess where it might have come from. Ours came from a grassy area.
Some of our little piles. We also used water to ease the separation process.
Penny and Belle with the pile of bones. We did determine the animal we extracted (real scientific-y word) from the owl pellet was a shrew. We plan on reassembling the bones on our bone chart…check out instagram for photos in a few days!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Dream Keepers Box is an awesome STEAM subscription box and we don’t think we’ve ever been this excited for a kids activity, EVER. The presentation is awesome… we love the box and we love the way they put each project into it’s own bag to make this simpler for parents. We love the quality, it’s an excellent assortment of well thought out projects and items. And of course curation… everything comes together so perfectly – from the items that we received to the careers and people on the collectible cards! We love the Dream Keepers Box and think this is an awesome way to get your child motivated and thinking critically!

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