Copy Cake Kit Review

Do you like to bake? Do you have trouble making your icing creations look like what you’d envisioned? Now there’s Copy Cake Kit! A simple way to make beautiful cake creations using an edible template. The best part? No one ever has to know!
*product was received free for review

With a variety of different templates available the instructions are so simple that anyone can do it! It even makes a great family activity! We love the packaging and love that the instructions are listed on it! Just peel, stick and frost!
We chose a fall leaf design and this is what we received. There’s a picture and instructions. One edible template leaf, a small spatula, and three bags of icing in yellow, orange and brown. 
How festive right? Most Copy Cake Kits retail for $14.95
Here is our inspiration image (but it’s really all up to us) When you purchase your Copy Cake Kit you will choose first your template and then your icing colors. 
Our simple instructions including some suggestions. You do have to ice your cake with a base layer prior to adding the Copy Cake Kit
Our edible leaf template. To the best of our knowledge this is a sugar type paper. Peeling it off is interesting because it looks like a sort of wax paper and it most certainly is NOT!
Our little spatula for creating tiny lines and details. Also great for smoothing and flattening our icing!
Our three icing bags. All pre-packaged, all we had to do was snip the tip off. The closer to the tip the finer the icing!

Okay, so now what?

We need to preface this with our baking skill level; NEWB. We’d never really iced a cake and definitely not one with a pretty picture so we weren’t sure what to expect
We really went above and beyond because this cake is made from scratch! And surprisingly… easy to make! We then put a layer of white icing… and as you can see we are not experts. Next was peeling the leaf and applying it to our cake. We then pat it down so the air bubbles are gone and we are ready to ice. Peeling the leaf is probably the most tricky part of the Copy Cake Kit but still a breeze
Then we apply our layers of icing. We followed the image diligently but if you are feeling creative you can go rogue and do it however you like. Once we were happy with that we used our small spatula to create the definition of the leaf. 
So what do you think? Here is our finished Copy Cake Kit Leaf!
We had so much fun doing this and are happy with the results particularly since this was our first time doing something like this! Use Copy Cake Kit for your next birthday or holiday cake as an easy way to create a homemade masterpiece.

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