Derma-E Review and Sneak Peek of New Revamped Packaging

derma-e review
Derma-e is an ethical beauty brand that started in a health food store in Southern California in 1984. The Derma-e belief is and always has been that you can visibly improve the health of your skin with the right vitamins, nutrition and hydration. Their 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free and GMO Free products are made with your health and wellness in mind. Derma-e supports and gives back to many humanitarian causes and philanthropic organizations as well. 
While they’re fabulous products are staying the same they’re packaging is getting a little face lift and we are so excited to share our experience with you guys!!
*product was received free for review

Here you can see both the products we’ve received for review side by side. On the left is the derma-e Hydrating Day Creme in the current packaging. On the right is the Derma-e Hydrating Night Cream in the shiny new packaging! The Derma-e line includes many fabulous (and effective) eco-ethical skincare products – you’d be crazy not to check them out. The two products that we received are some of their best sellers. You can find the Derma-E line at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Ulta and Target!
derma e hydrating day cream
Formulated for dry to normal skin this day creme includes Hyaluronic Acid to rehydrate skin. Application is simple – just use in the morning after washing or whenever you need a little boost of moisture (and you can totally wear this under makeup)
The jar has 2 ounces of the lightweight day creme. Fueled with anti-oxidants that halt premature aging like Green Tea, Vitamins C and E, and Aloe. The old packaging is simple and blue. We are familiar with it because we’ve received quite a few samples in our Target Beauty Boxes. We had no idea the commitment and dedication they had to being ethical and organic though and it makes us love them that much more!
With the Derma-e line it isn’t so much about what’s in the formula as it is what isn’t in the formula. This is free of animal products, cruelty, parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, lanolin, gluten and GMO’s! So it’s safe to say you can feel good about using these
The box is blue much like the jar and includes information about the product like Directions for use and some of the ingredients.
The package also tells you about Derma-e and their commitment to a more sustainable world.
There’s also a little fold out pamphlet full of information about the Derma-e line
So as you can see the packaging is swell and definitely is informative but it’s time for ooh la-la right? 
derma - e hyaluronic night cream review
Ta-Da! Gorgeous ethereal packaging… there’s subtle nuances with this box that makes it seem more feminine and almost airy. The product itself helps to plump the skin and reduce the look of lines and wrinkles
The jar is just as beautiful as the box! Much like the current jar it’s still 2 ounces but is frosted glass and has a much more bold font choice. Both the box and the jar  proudly display with their vegan and cruelty free status! 
This rich nourishing formula has Hyaluronic Acid and Vitanims C & E to hydrate and battle signs of anti-aging. To use simply apply a small amount to fingertips and sweep upward onto face and neck. Use in the evening or whenever you need a hydrating boost. This moisturizer is thicker but can still be used under makeup if you have very dry skin (like us!). We love this one and find that our skin looks fuller and healthier when we get up in the morning!
The outer box of the new Derma-e packaging is still just as informative but it lends more to the aesthetically pleasing than it’s predecessor. This side explains their commitment to ethical beauty
And here we have ingredients and instructions on usage
This final side explains a bit about this product and who it’s intended for. 
And of course we received a little fold out pamphlet that talks a bit about Derma-e. And yes, that has been revamped as well!
More colors, more pictures, more fun! 

So in summary

Derma-e has incredibly effective ethical beauty products – that was certain before the review. Now their beauty products also have an excellent package that mirrors their excellent quality. From the box to the jar to the contents Derma-e has hit a home run! 
We love knowing that a socially and environmentally conscious company like Derma-e exists. With a dedication to giving back and using sustainable sources and only the most wholesome ingredients. We feel good not only buying but using these products as well!

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