Simplistic Candle Shop Soy Candle Melt Review

Simplistic Candle Shoppe is an eco-friendly and organic candle line. Today their soy wax melts are on sale for just $2. (Normally $3) We recieved a couple to review for you guys and couldn’t wait to put them in our warmer! 
*product was received free for review

We received two of the melts. The first in a Clean Cotton fragrance. It’s crisp and clean and it perfectly embodies a spring day! Each of the bars is 2.7 ounces – with a total of 7 different fragrances in total. There’s; Very Vanilla, Clean Cotton, Lavender Chamomile, Cucumber Melon, Ocean Breeze, Aromatherapy Plumeria and Overindulgence to choose from.
simplistic candle shop review
The second fragrance was this Cucumber Melon scent. A fruity and refreshing scent that reminds us of summer. The Simplistic Candle Shoppe Wax Melts are made from 100% Soy Wax and leave your home smelling great for hours without any of the yucky chemicals found in other wax melts!
The formula is creamy and a bit oily like many of the soy wax that we’ve seen in the past. A little bit of these melts goes a long way! We’ve been burning one cube for 12 combined hours and it still  smells amazing!
In addition to wax melts Simplistic Candle Shoppe also has candles and body scrubs!!

Check Out Simplistic Candle Shoppe!

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