Blue Spider’s Attic Box Review + Coupon | October 2016

blue spiders attic box
Blue Spider’s Attic Subscription Box is a monthly themed box that contains three gently used novels,  bookish swag as well as yummy coffee samples. Subscriptions are $19.99 monthly. Use code ATTICMKTPLACE for $5 off your 6 month subscription
*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look inside blue spiders october box
Our first glimpse inside the Blue Spider’s Attic Halloween Box. With items like “Do Not Enter” tape and black tissue they are really setting the mood for a spoooky box!
what's in the october blue spider's attic box
Everything that we received in our October “Halloween Party” Blue Spider’s Attic Box. We are stunned that this box is just $19.99! This truly is an awesome deal!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert that explains the theme and all of the items that we received. 
We particularly like the, “Scaredy Cats turn back now” bit!
These are just little extras that were strewn throughout the box. We’ll probably use these as incentives for Oliver! And yes, Ghost Rider for the win!
This is AWESOME! First of all, what better embodiment of Halloween than Frankensteins’s Monster?! Second the photo easily comes out of the magnet frame so you can change the photo from season to season. 
We promptly put this on our fridge under our Halloween Advent Calendar
Light up the night with this Star Wars Glow Stick. This box was just booming with extras and this was another one of them! 
We’re huge fans of Interview and Lestat so receiving an Anne Rice book in this box is awesome. This book starts a new series about a vampire named David Talbot who is chronicling the undead and comes across one named Pandora who tells him, her (2000 year) life story. We are extremely excited to read this! Probably most excited about this to be honest!
We’d never heard of this book or this author and after looking it up on Amazon we’ve found it has AMAZING reviews. It’s a novel about Appaloosa horses fighting dark, evil horses to keep their species alive. A fantasy novel from the 80’s this promises to be an interesting read.
So clearly from the front this was made into a major picture. However, we had no idea it was made in 2012! We’d never heard of it before. Totally out of the loop apparently. Anyhoooo, this is a suspenseful thriller that follows two brothers and a “femme fatale” searching for a killer. This is one we will read during the day because these stories tend to creep us out a bit!
This is the Blue Spider’s Press Literary Journal and contains poetry, prose and photography from many different writers and photographers. We love that this is the first issue!
The back has a list of all the contributors
This journal has 55 pages full of well spun tales and poems!
Our personal fave!
Because no Halloween party is complete without candy!
How nifty is this?! Handmade by The Blue Spider’s Attic we love the colors of this bookmark and the metal and well… everything. We are going to wait to use this one though, because of the kids we have a bad track record with bookmarks so we’ll be saving this for a time we can be sure they won’t take it and do something awful with it.

We received 2 ounces of this incredible blend of Central and South American Coffees. We love that it’s a nice medium that was included! Perfect for your first cup of coffee for the day!
Not only does our Superman come with a Superman themed reading list but he’s also 1 million times cuter than the REAL (fake) Superman! The Superhero’s varied from box to box but each had their own reading list!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. Blue Spider’s Attic Box is an amazing box full of awesome treasures. A bookworm’s dream come true! The presentation is awesome! The box comes packaged in a fun and relevant way and everything arrives exactly as it should! The quality is so great! These are really gently used books – in fact we’d never know they were ever read before! Curation is PHENOMENAL! This box is Halloweenie from head to toe and it maintains a fun and kind of quirky spirit! We love that the books they’ve included are suspenseful or scary and think it all comes together perfectly to create an excellent box!
And don’t forget us code  ATTICMKTPLACE for $5 off your 6 month subscription!

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