Friendship Socks Subscription Review + Unboxing

friendship sock review
Friendship Socks is a monthly sock subscription that sends a pair of socks for you and a friend for $16. Additionally there are options for just a pair for a friend for $10 or a one time purchase for you and a friend for $22. 
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box(es) Breakdown
boston university
The first thing we noticed was the BU sticker… our husband is a Boston University graduate and lived in Boston for YEARS! So this was kind of strange and cool to receive
Our first glimpse inside the first package reveals the BU Terrier on a black, red and white checkered sock!
what's in october friendship socks
Everything that we received in the October Friendship Socks Packages. These are both the socks for us and the socks for a friend. Obviously, if you ordered you’d only get one… your friend would get the other (but you knew that!)

So what is all this stuff?

These are actually the socks you send to a friend. They get this fun slide out box and all the frills and trappings of a gift. But we’re mailing the Boston University socks to a friend and have decided to keep these for ourselves!
These are really reminiscent of the early 90’s with their teal and pink combo. Love the small sorta chevron-y pattern on them! Definitely going to be rocking these all over the place!
These are pretty long. They come to about the mid calf area. We love this length.. it makes the perfect snuggling sock!
We love these on – a blend of 80% Cotton 16% Nylon and 4% Lycra makes for a comfy and stretchy sock!
We just can’t get over how uncanny this is! With all the universities in the country we got BU socks! Mr. I’m Not a Tree has informed us that the Boston University mascot is indeed a terrier, hence the dog on the socks.
These socks seem a tad thicker than the first pair and have a slightly different blend of 75% Cotton, 21% Nylon, and 4% Lycra. Good to know: Friendship Socks are sourced and made in the USA!

So in summary

We can’t break this subscription down the way we do our typical subscriptions because we pretty much know what we are getting. However, we love both the selection that we received and the quality of both of the socks. We also love the concept of sending socks to your friends! The price is amazing and we will definitely be wearing these socks all over town!

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