Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box Review + Coupon | Fall 2016

fab fit fun fall review
Fab Fit Fun is a premier quarterly women’s lifestyle subscription box. Each box has an amazing assortment of high end items including beauty, fitness and home decor. Subscriptions are $49.99 quarterly but use code FALL20 for $10 OFF!
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the fall fab fit fun box
Our first glimpse inside the Fall Fab Fit Fun Box. We saw a few spoilers for this box that had us swooning so we were pretty excited to tear through this one!
what's in the fall fab fit fun box
Everything that we received in our Fall Fab Fit Fun Box. We have to say this is one of our most absolute favorite boxes from them yet! Everything is just perfect… yes!

So what is all this stuff?

Each Fab Fit Fun Box comes with it’s own mini magazine that along with detailing the items you receive also shows you how to use them and why they were included in the coolest format possible!
This is a sponsored add in which is ok… it doesn’t get included in the value of the box. We’ve used this before and while it’s not our favorite we’ll definitely use it. This is the “Completely Clean” Scent which is really nice
the created co to-go coffee mug
If all cups were this nice we’d be ingesting way too much fluid. Love the black on gold… a simple yet bedazzled way to #butfirstcoffee Created Co. donates 10% of it’s profits to charity – specifically providing clean and safe drinking water!
modcloth loch and key scarf
This is the spoiler that had our heart racing! We got this one in the exact pattern we liked as well! This scarf is large (55′ by 55′) and is a lot softer than it looks!  There were three alternative patterns that could have come in the box. This truly is a versatile scarf – wear it the classic way, as a bandana, a poncho or as a cape!
adult coloring book
Partnering with PoP (Pencils for Promise) a charity that provides quality education in developing countries Fab Fit Fun created this super cool coloring book and coloring pencils to help you meditate, relax and wind down. 
pure cosmetics nude collection palette
Love the packaging of this gorgeous palette. 12 shades in total – all nude and very buildable and beautiful. This is definitely the kind of palette that we like to receive. Perfect for everyday wear!
The actual case is a gorgeous bronze looking metal
A total of 3 mattes and 9 shimmers we love that the names of the shadows are on the front of the palette
The swatches are beautiful. The shimmers in particular are gorgeous! 
The only “questionable” shadow was the black which was patchy and weird. This is of like three swipes of the finger
spongelle body buffer
This exfoliates and cleanses all at the same time. The rose scent is intoxicating and beautiful. We’ve wanted to try one of these out for the longest time and now we finally can! Contains Yuzu, Edelweiss and Vetiver to refresh and nourish skin
For moisturizing skin or for bathtime aromatherapy this oil has the restorative, calming effects of all French Lavender. This is a generous one ounce bottle
skin laundry restoring night serum
Full of antioxidants, vitamins and peptides that work at firming and improving texture and elasticity of your delicate skin while you sleep. This is a bit pricey in our opinion but we haven’t really given it a fair shot yet. It is a bit goopy like a typical serum. We are excited to try it out
The second sponsored item in this box were these flushable Cottonelle Wipes. We won’t argue. We’ll use them!
the browgal clear eyebrow gel
YES. We love eyebrow gel. We aren’t big on drawing on giant fake brows but do appreciate them being in place and decent looking! 
Interesting. Not sure what to think… but hey.. the color is gorgeous. We’ve tried toe socks before and find them slightly uncomfortable but hot damn these would look good with some pretty painted toes… amirite?

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality curation and presentation. Fab Fit Fun is a great box – particularly if you don’t mind spending a little extra. The boxes are usually worth at least double sometimes much more than what you pay for them. The presentation is awesome! Everything is packaged perfectly and we love the color your own box! The quality is phenomenal… this box is always at the head of it’s class as far as quality is concerned. This is definitely more of a luxury box. The curation is outstanding. An amazing assortment of the finest that fall has to offer and we are so in love. This is our favorite Fab Fit Fun Box to date!
As far as box economy the Fab Fit Fun Box costs $49.99 and for that we received $239.99 in items which is AMAZING!
And don’t forget use code FALL20 for $10 OFF

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