Chroma Club Adult Coloring Subscription Review + Unboxing | October 2016

chroma club review october
Chroma Club is a monthly adult coloring subscription that features lesser known artists in each volume! Enjoy many fun patterns and mandalas and other seasonally appropriate pictures in the themed Chroma Club Coloring Book. Subscriptions are $8 monthly
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
october chroma club
Our October Chroma Club has this really cool pumpkin on the front! This is the 7th installment from them as well!

The remainder of the year the featured artist will be Pam Vale Branch

Let’s see the pages!

There’s pretty florals – done by featured artist Pam Vale
A fun spiderweb! This is our absolute favorite!
A mandala which looks complicated yet satisfying!
This intricate little kitty cat also by featured artist Pam Vale! Pro Tip: Make it black for Halloween
October… the month of the Libra – whose symbol just happens to be scales
A masquerade themed page! 
We love this one as well – but need to do this on a vacay because we wouldn’t want to stop until it’s finished and it might take us a while! This beautiful picture was drawn by Pam Vale
An abstract which adds an element of fun to this coloring book!
Light and airy feathers with a fun paisley sort of design
And finally the last page, our thank you!

So in summary

Because we know what we’re getting when we subscribe to Chroma Club we can’t break this subscription down the way we do others. We can say though, that this subscription is the perfect size to take along with you wherever you might be. Maybe it’s a doctors office, or a lunch date with the perpetually late friend or whatever! It’s there for you. We love that they feature different artists each month- what a great way to recognize rising talent! We love Pam Vales pictures – they’re elegant and intricate! And the price of Chroma Club is perfect – just $8 for a great coloring book full of hours of art therapy!

Check Out Chroma Club

Our little masterpiece – for our Mom whose birthday is in October!

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