Target Beauty Box Review + Unboxing | October 2016

target beauty box unboxing
Target has a monthly box (not subscription based ((yet)). that sends you beauty and makeup products available at Target. Prices can range but are typically $7 (never over $10). They’re always worth the price!
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
our first glimpse inside the Target Beauty Box for October
Our first glimpse inside the Target Beauty Box for October
what's in the october target beauty box
Everything that we received in our October Target Beauty Box. A nice selection as always!

So what is all this stuff?

The theme of this box is “Autumn’s A-List” As far as we can tell the Target themes are about as general as the Ipsy themes… so there’s that.
derma e hydrating day cream
Love Derma-E and their new packaging is rad – like we’ve said before. This Hydrating Day Cream contains Hyaluronic Acid for ultimate moisture
The formula is lightweight and can be worn under your makeup. A great product for your morning routine!
wet n wild graphic marker eyeliner
Black eyeliner is always nice to have. We didn’t open it yet because well.. if we did it may not last until we get to it!
eden body works natural shampoo
$3.50 (each)
Love the Tea Tree and Peppermint scent combo! Also love Tea Tree as a natural dry scalp remedy. We also (and we know how superficial this sounds) love clear shampoo! It’s a thing for us that we like, you know? This is a new brand on our radar we are going to have to check out in depth!
chapstick total hydration
Perfect for us! We generally roll out of bed and BAM that’s our routine. But we feel like this chapstick might save our life! Just a little something – and the color in “Coral Blush” is gorgeous!
laneige bb cushion
We’ve received about 4 of these in Target Boxes. And we get that it’s a Target Exclusive but – yawn. Also, if they did just a bit of personalization it would be great if we could get just one color instead of all three… that way none of it goes to waste… but I guess that’s the point… gotta go buy the full size!
jergens wet skin moisturizer
This may be an amazing product but we just don’t use enough lotion to know for certain. This is a Target Beauty Box repeat as we received this in another box but we still haven’t used the first one we received (not even once!).

So in summary

Target Beauty Box is a fun box to receive each month… it’s inexpensive but has lots of nice goodies in it. If you’re a drugstore makeup girl (or boy) this is one you won’t want to miss. For the $7 that this box cost us we received well over $14.50 in items which is over double the price! 

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