Stitch Fix #5 Review + Unboxing | October 2016

stitch fix review and try on
Stitch Fix is a monthly stylist in a box. Each month your stylist will send you a number of pieces and you rate them based upon your preferences and thus build a style profile. Each month there is a styling fee of $20 which you can put towards any purchases. If you choose to keep all items you’ll get a 25% discount.
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Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look inside the stitch fix box
Our first glimpse inside the Stitch Fix Box. We can see some suede tassels, for a moment we got excited because we thought they were some fancy moccassins… nope.

So what did you get?

mtla kristin fleece legging
Yes, you read that right a legging that costs more than $40! At first we were not into these they are thick… but once you put them on you realize the inside is so soft! They aren’t worth $44 but definitely super soft and comfy! Also they rise very high acting a bit like spanx.
41 hawthorne gideon polka dot sweater
We have to admit if we were walking through a store and saw this we’d pick it. We’d then look at the price tag and put it right back on that shelf! 
martina pixley slub knit open cardigan
Of all the pieces we received this month we like this one the best. It feels great and looks fabulous. We just have SO MANY sweaters and cardigans to buy one in a color we have already … seems frivolous. Especially at this price
octavia balboa suede tassel crossbody
We think this is really cool – it just isn’t really us. We’re at a minimalist stage in our fashion career. Being a Mom has forced us to pare down our wardrobe and also to not get too faddy. This does have a really fun bohemian, Pocahontas feel that we love though!
loveappella dienne mixed pattern knit top
OKAY this is not flattering… and the saddest part is in the box this looked so cool and very 90’s esque. Love the patterns mixed together and the shirt was really soft but no… just no.

So in summary

We liked this fix a lot. But once again we weren’t compelled to keep anything. Mostly because it’s EXPENSIVE. We really feel like you should be able to keep your $20 styling fee as credit towards purchases in the future even if it’s less than $20. That way you’d could accrue money to put towards clothing in the future. This was overall though a nice fix. 

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