Co-Op Crate Subscription Box Review + Coupon | October 2016 Launch Box

co-op crate review
Co-Op Crate is a brand new monthly farmer’s market subscription box. Each box contains hand selected, small batch, artisanal goods from wonderful small businesses! Choose from 2 amazing options the Co-Op Crate Full Size which contains 5-9 goodies for $39.99 or the Co-Op Crate Mini for $19.99. Either way use code ASHELI10 for 10% OFF your box!
*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look inside the co-op crate box
Our first glimpse inside the Co-Op Crate Subscription Box. The theme is “Fall Faves” we can not wait to see what’s in here!
what's in the october co-op crate
Everything that we received in the Debut Co-Op Crate. This is an absolutely fantastic assortment! There’s a little bit of everything and while the items do feel fall-ish we haven’t been bombarded… and we are okay with that!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert tells us a little about Co-Op Crate
The reverse details each item that we received
Harvest & Soul
This gorgeous shaving bar is pumpkin spice scented. Just when you think they thought of everything.. this little bugger shows up!
The back has instructions for use! This is so pretty we may never use it and just display it as a pretty decoration in our guest bath!
everyday summit greeting card
$3.75 (each)
How perfect are these. These are a little whimsical but definitely have that harvest kind of feel to them! There were three included in total
The inside is blank so you can add anything that you wish!
etiquette body lotion
This is one of the most fantastic body lotions we’ve used. EVER. The scent is light and more natural than most pumpkin scents. But the formulation is what has us like… whoa.
Paraben free and Vegan friendly this lotion contains no colorants either. We haven’t pinned down which exact ingredient (or combo thereof) that make this lotion feel so soft and velvety but we can’t help but want to lather this all over ourselves!
darkside lacquers nail polish
UM YES. This is so gorgeous and absolutely stunning for this season! A glittering blackened cranberry color that is 5 FREE and Vegan! Do check our Instagram for some mani photos!
leather stacking bracelet
We are so in love with this. It has a simple natural feel to it and isn’t feminine (in fact this bracelet is unisex). Gives every outfit a pared down and more rustic feel. When we see this words like deconstructed pop into our head
Another reason we love these is because on our wrist these make a bold statement – primarily because of their size. We think this is so becoming!
basic wick girls candle
A candle that isn’t afraid to have a little fun. This jar smells like, “black leggings and riding boots” but actually it’s vanilla! This is a large soy candle weighing in at 8 ounces!
The scent is a buttery and rich (more French) vanilla. But they have so many other amazing sounding and funny scents like; WINEOCLOCK (actually it’s sangria), OMG this is my song (actually it’s margarita), and the best.. Bitch better have my honey (actually it’s honeysuckle)!
akron house tea co
Apples and cinnamon and spice all fused into this black tea. What an incredible sounding blend.
We received a box of 10 hand filled tea bags and you know us.. we couldn’t wait to give it a try!
Fragrant and warm this is definitely a snuggle by the fire in soft socks kind of tea! 
mayana chocolate bar
So… imagine a Twix bar but 9k times better. It still wouldn’t be close to tasting as good as this bar!
Full of salted caramel smothering a shortbread cookie all wrapped in 66% dark cacao… this bar is HEAVEN!
It also happens to be GINORMOUS!
Here is a picture right before we ate the ENTIRE thing. Ok, Mr. I’m Not a Tree had maybe a bite or two!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Co-Op Crate is this little treasure of a box because while it’s a fantastic farmer’s market box it’s also a great way to find out about some amazing products you’d never have heard of otherwise! The presentation is fantastic. Everything is packaged nicely and arrives exactly as it should. The quality is outstanding. The products are decadent and luxurious and definitely things we’ll be buying in the future! The curation of course … the absolute best part. This was a fall box but didn’t overwhelm us with pumpkin and all the typical things you see in fall assortments. In fact it was a box that subtly hinted at fall and offered up some amazing products in the meantime… it was a fantastic array!
As far as box economy the Co-Op Crate (that we received) costs $39.99 and for that we received $77 in items! This is an incredible deal! So worth every penny!
And don’t forget use code ASHELI10 for 10% OFF your first box.

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