Royal Treasure Chest Subscription Box Review + Coupon | October 2016

royal treasure chest review
Royal Treasure Chest is a monthly vintage subscription box that sends you 3 items based upon your category preference. Choose from any of the following each month; books, knick knacks, jewelry, tie bars and cuff links, paper ephemera, ladies accessories, gentlemen’s accessories, and our favorite (and what we’re reviewing today) surprise me! Subscriptions are $40 monthly and with code Notatree25 and you’ll receive 25% OFF your first 2 boxes!
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in our royal treasure chest box
Our first glimpse inside our Royal Treasure Chest Subscription Box
what's in the royal treasure chest box
Once again we are over the moon – the items we’ve received are not only authentically vintage, they are also fabulous treasures!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert tells us a little bit about where our items came from. From a home in Johnstown, PA built in the mid 1800’s that housed 4 generations of doctors and their wives! 
We love this little card on the inside of the box. A small photo of the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia. We’re partial to Philly – and we love to see iconic things from there! 
We have to be honest and say that these are our favorite items to receive in our Royal Treasure Chest Boxes! We love books in general but for whatever reason these beautiful books seem to have separate lives from the stories inside them… they’ve just been around that long!
Perfect for any bookshelf this book also makes a striking decor choice!
We love the color illustrations.
And the black and white ones as well!
If you watched the unboxing you know we didn’t think there was an inscription inside the book – we were so wrong. We were showing the book off to Mr. I’m Not a Tree and he found it there inside the cover!
From a company called “Swank” (who is STILL in business) this tie clip has a stunning linked detail to it. A dapper and distinguishing addition to any suit and tie!
Here you can sort of see the name and also the clip itself. 
This handkerchief was a little something extra in our box. Love this very unique and somewhat mod color combination. The edges (in white) are piped and we are in love!
This is gorgeous. The design is beautiful and intricate and it’s somewhat sheer. Long enough that you can drape over your shoulders – it was difficult to take a photo that did it justice!
If you look closely you can see the silver embellishments outlining the scarf. We think this scarf is phenomenal! 

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Royal Treasure Chest is an amazing box of discovery. You can delve into the past and find amazing treasures! The presentation is amazing. Everything arrives beautifully packaged and exactly as it should. The quality is great. All the items are in excellent condition. The curation is what we love the most, there’s a lot of work involved in finding all these amazing items. Everything is absolutely stunning and we have to imagine it takes a lot of duds before you find the gold! We just adore Royal Treasure Chest!
Don’t forget use code Notatree25 to receive 25% OFF your first two boxes.

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