The Barrel Box Alcohol Subscription Box Review + Coupon | October 2016

the barrel box review
The Barrel Box is a monthly alcohol accessory subscription box. You can expect to receive collectibles, gadgets, bar accessories clothing and memorabilia in your box with over $60 in items! 
Subscriptions are $26.10 monthly and since they are shipped from Canada there is an additional $7.45 shipping fee bringing this box to $33.50 (USD) Use code NOTATREE and receive 10% OFF any subscription
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the barrel box
Our first glimpse inside The Barrel Box. We see a t-shirt!
what's in the october barrel box
Everything that we received in The Barrel Box. What an awesome variation, from glasses to clothing to barware – this box has it all!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box inserts. There’s a card with the items we received as well as a recipe and a card about Mons Ales the beer that was featured this month!
Upon subscribing you’ll be asked several questions… like gender, age, shirt size, favorite alcoholic beverage and a home bar. The Barrel Box customizes your box based on your suggestions
These two button style coasters are exclusive to The Barrel Box
We currently don’t own any coasters quite like this. They will look great on our bar!
As you can see the bottom looks like a button!
angostura bitters
The Angostura Bitters can be used to make this month’s featured recipe “Amaretto Limone” all you’ll need to add is Amaretto, lemon and lime juice!
YES! We actually needed a couple of these. Love that this subscription box includes some barware! These are super useful when you want to make drinks with a little more precision and we received two! YAHOO!
So you may be asking yourself if Mons is an ale … why is this a shot glass? Ale on lees is unfiltered and as such leaves yeast deposits at the bottom.  The last ounce of beer is consequentially yeast rich and commonly enjoyed separately. 
We have a girlfriend who is going to LOVE this t-shirt! Perfect for the liquor aficianados out there!
This t-shirt was a Barrel Box exclusive!
There was both a Poppers and Belgh Brasse scarf included as well. These were interesting (we’ve never seen a scarf quite like them before!)
Imagine an arm sleeve but larger that’s exactly what these are like. Slip them over your head and onto your neck and just pull them back! EASY PEASY!
This is our favorite item in The Barrel Box! Love this pint glass. It really makes drinking beer super fancy! While we’ve never had Mons Ales you can bet we’ll be trying some soon!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Barrel Box is an awesome way to get different bar items! We love the theme and the way they customize things to fit people’s preferences. We love the box and everything arrives exactly as it should so the presentation is excellent. The quality is awesome! And curation of course, is perfect. We love the recipe and how an ingredient is included and that we’re introduced to an alcohol that has items included in the box as well. It all comes together quite nicely!
Don’t forget to use code NOTATREE for 10% OFF your box

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