Anatomicals Bath & Body Review

anatomicals body review
If you love your bath products fun and quirky… well, look no further. Britain’s funkiest bath company, “Only wants your for your body.” and you can now purchase them at Ulta! We received four different Anatomicals products from this colorful line to review for you guys and we have to say we think these might be our spirit bath products (forget that whole spirit animal thing) after spending a week testing them out!
*product was received free for review

So what is all this stuff?

shower to the people graefruit and lemongrass
This is an awesome deal, just $7.99 for 10 ounces of product. We were really excited to see that it was lemongrass as you guys know it’s one of our favorite scents! We think this makes an excellent way to start the day because of the invigorating grapefruit!
We would be remiss though, if we didn’t point out this image of Che on the side of the bottle. We love this companies cheeky humor – and we find these products totally fun!
As you’d imagine it is a yellow color and smells so bright and amazing and we can’t say enough how much we LOVE that it has a pump!
And their descriptions are … quite entertaining!
To say the least!
A fusion of melon and pumice create an amazingly delicious exfoliating mixture. It’s important to note as well that the products that we received are paraben free – no pesky cancer causing chemicals. All you get from Seven Deadly Skins is smooth and soft!
As the packaging promises, this is a melon lovers fantasy product. Quite a sweet scent. The formulation is nice, the exfoliant light and the actual scrub is a light blue that is slightly translucent.
anatomicals avocado hand cream
Ahem, this name is a riot! We love the size of this tube for a hand cream, the 3.3 ounce container is perfect to keep in your purse and it smells incredible! 
They do suggest that you use this before because of the thick and rich avocado, vitamin e, and shea butter formula but if you live in a climate that experiences harsh winters like us you can definitely benefit from this during those months! This is our favorite product from Anatomicals!
coconut and mango body lotion
The names are too funny! This creamy and quick absorbing body lotion will leave your skin soft, supple and subtly scented of sweet mango and coconut. 
What we love most about this is the formulation (although it smells bomb!). This is super creamy and rich but does not leave your skin greasy, at all, whatsoever. The scent is subtle enough that you can use this body lotion all over, daily!

So in summary

So in love with this company! Between the names – the descriptions – the bright packaging and the amazing (and unique) scents we’ve got a real winner but on top of it all it’s reasonably priced! While we definitely had a favorite in the hand cream we loved everything and saw a few other products from Anatomicals that we need to pick up next time we’re at Ulta!
And of course – don’t forget to recycle the packaging!

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