Boxwalla Food Subscription Box | October & November 2016

boxwalla food box review
Boxwalla is a bi-monthly subscription box with four different options. There’s the green beauty, film, book and food (what we’re reviewing today). Each Boxwalla Food Box comes with different vegetarian items that are intended to enhance your foodie life. Subscriptions are $49.95 per box.
*product was received free for reveiw

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Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the boxwalla food box
Our first glimpse inside the Boxwalla Food Box for October / November! We see a couple old favorites in there already!
what's in the boxwalla food box
Everything that we received in our Boxwalla Food Box. The theme is “Sweet Autumn Surprises” and contains confections with flavors that pare well with these brisk fall days. 

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. As always it’s written like a letter to a friend and details each of the items that we received
anette's tortilla brittle
Wow! Well, we honestly had no idea what to expect from this – the package says “Brittle made from crisp tortilla chips, plump pumpkin seeds and a splash of tequila and lime.” Our interest has been piqued! 
This is the kind of food that has a medley of flavors that pass as you eat it. The first top note is the salt and the lime and then slowly it gets sweet and then butter and it really is a brittle… like a peanut brittle. The only thing that we can even sort of compare this flavor to is key lime pie, the tangy and creamy combo but it’s so much more… absolutely delicious and absolutely all gone!
feve artisan chocolate
What a unique chocolate! These little sticks are candied orange peel coated in dark chocolate. It’s also important to note Feve’s commitment to giving back by donating 5% of it’s profits to microloans for cacao farmers. 
This is like candy poetry. There’s the chocolate that is sweet but definitely has that deep savory base note. Then there’s the orange who has a sweet flavor as well with another deep base. An absolutely satisfying treat!
feve artisan chocolatier caramelized hazelnuts
Ahhh it doesn’t get much more fall flavored than hazelnut! These chocolate hazelnuts are also from Feve Artisan Chocolatier and are absolutely addictive!
We cannot put our finger on the word that accurately describes this soft flavor. It’s like velvet – just a smooth and delicious treat, perfect with your tea or perhaps your pumpkin spiced drink?
ethereal confections inclusion bar
We received two of these bars (we also received two in a previous Boxwalla Food Box). This bar is topped with a blend of Macadamia Nuts, Raspberries & Kaffir Lime and of course the 66% Cacao. The flavors throw you off because you expect something wildly revolutionary. However we can say that this bar has a beautiful marriage of flavors. 
Beyond the flavor these are amazingly beautiful and aesthetic bars of chocolate as well. We kind of don’t even want to eat them!
feve chai spiced almonds
Another perfect fall flavor and our personal favorite item from this box! These almonds are coated in dark chocolate, mixed with a handmade chai spiced blend and then finished off with a ginger infused blond chocolate. The ginger flavor makes these incredible – it’s just a hint but it’s just enough
These are great to keep in your bag as a decadent little treat for yourself when you are on the run. They also make a great gift!
ethereal confections inclusion bar
Our second decadent chocolate bar from Ethereal Confections is this 66% Cacao bar topped with Coriander, Candied Orange Peel and Ginger. This warm combination of flavor makes a perfect midday snack!
The bar is just as gorgeous as the flavor. Love these chocolate bars!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Boxwalla Food Box is always an amazing flavor journey and this box was no exception. This season has such stunning colors and scents and this box really brings them to the forefront to enjoy in ways we may never have had the opportunity to before. Presentation is awesome as always. Love the box and everything arrives exactly as it should. The quality is out of this world. Each item is from an excellent example of an artisan. And of course the curation… where to begin. It’s excellent! Each flavor included exemplifies the warm and cozy notes that make this season so celebrated. The variation is great but keeps to certain flavor families which we like! All in all this was a stellar showing from Boxwalla!

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