Cracare Anti-Aging Hyaluron Moisture Mask from Skin18 Review

cracare hyaluron moisture mask review
The Cracare Anti-aging Hyaluron Moisture Mask is a 3 step mask that is meant to reduce fine lines and moisturize skin. Included in this kit is an Active Ampoule, an Essence Mask and a Night Cream. These can be purchased on Skin18 for $2.90
*product was received free for review

Okay so tell us more!

We start off with the Active Ampoule. (in case you aren’t sure what an ampoule is it’s a bit like a serum except much more concentrated)
You can apply this wherever you’d like but in particular around eyes and mouth. We put it on our whole face… what the heck right?
This had a light gel like consistency and smelled a little bit like the perfume “Red Door” (we are aware of how strange that comparison is)
This was really refreshing and made our skin smooth and velvety!
Our next step was the sheet mask – yahoo – our favorite part!
This mask contains many different flower extracts and smells a lot like rose although there isn’t any in it!
Once you smooth the mask on your face you leave it on for 20-30 minutes. The smell is wonderful and the mask is doing something because our face was slightly tingly! Afterwards our skin looked brighter and we prepared for the third and final step of this mask
The night cream is the final step and once again we put it all over our face but it is recommended that you put it on your main areas of concern and in particular around your eyes and mouth. 
This was just a bit thicker than the ampoule but smelled the same. It went on smoothly and evenly and felt really nice.
After doing this three step process our skin felt and looked fantastic! We have to say as well that the smell of this mask was our favorite of any so far and we’ll definitely be buying this again! 

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