Get Canucked Snack Subscription Box Review + Coupon Code | October 2016

get canucked box review
Get Canucked is a snack subscription that sends you the best of Canadian chocolates and chips each month! Each box contains 5 bags of chips, 5 chocolates and a featured surprise. Subscriptions are $25 monthly (USD) and $35 for worldwide subscriptions. There is also in addition to this box a ketchup chip subscription. Each box contains 6 bags of ketchup chips for $18

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*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the get canucked box
Our first glimpse inside the Get Canucked Box. Absolutely stuffed with tasty treats!
what's in the get canucked box
Everything that we received in the Get Canucked Box. If you like potato chips and chocolate this is SNACKTASTICAL!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. They put all the information about items included in the box on their blog
What is happening here? Our tastebuds are alight with flavor! These “All Dressed” Chips are a MUST HAVE in Canada and consequently an addition to the Get Canucked Box!
They immediately hit you with a vinegar and then there’s a cheese / sour cream flavor and finally a barbecue!? Seriously, this is like the Willy Wonka bubblegum meal (except the outcome is a lot more favorable)
CHEESE PLEASE! These savory chips are loaded with yummy cheesy flavor and we have to say that we love them!
Party Mix is scrumptious! And we can honestly say after trying this, that Canadians know how to party! Great for parties and gatherings (like Halloween) because of the wide variety it contains!
A Canadian staple! The ketchup chip, we’ve had these before as they are available occasionally at the grocery store but we had no idea their popularity in Canada! The two together make perfect sense though, ketchup and potatoes – we get it.
So, we totally have Miss Vickie’s chips here in the US. They are often available at places like Subway and other sandwich shops but we do not have Lime & Black Pepper. It’s suggested in the Get Canucked Blog to pair these with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc!
A Halloween snack sized bag of “Cheezies” which are kind of like Cheez Doodles except better
These are just way more appealing to the palette. More salt, more crunch and more fried flavor. 
Maynards Sour Patch Kids were one of the four featured Maynards products in the Get Canucked Box this month. These are sweet and sour and oh so yummy!
These look like a standard gummy fish but we love how chewy they are! A fun snack that is tasty for both parents and children alike
So these are like Swedish Fish but smaller and in the shape of berries… interesting!
What a yummy hit! Wish we had these here in the US! 
These little peach bites sound like they might be a little like our peach rings and we love peach rings so we were excited to try these
Yes! The flavor is very similar but these are more chewy and more like a fruit snack than a candy. We shared them with the kids who also enjoyed them, thoroughly!
After a little research we’ve found that these bars originated in Ireland under the name Star Bar. They are covered in milk chocolate and filled with caramel and roasted peanuts
The result? Tasty deliciousness! Seriously yummy. 
While the Canadian Kit Kat may look like an American Kit Kat  the flavor is more flavor-y?
The chocolate is just so much smoother and melts in your mouth! 
When we first saw these we thought they’d be like a spree or sweet tart … oh contrare! These are candy coated milk chocolate morsels of deliciousness!
Not only do they taste wonderful but they just happen to be in the most fun assortment of pastel candy colors EVER!
While this is the bite size version the full size is the LARGEST candy bar in Canada… which is why it’s named as such 
These are a type of wafer bar coated in caramel peanuts and rice. 
This is actually a bit like the Mr. Big Bar except that it contains foamed coffee flavored soft candy. These are really yummy! Also if you watched the unboxing we thought maybe the different Canadian chocolate bars were comparable to some of our own – we were oh so wrong guys!
Made by Cadbury these hard chocolate bars have a crispy layer of peanut flake inside. These were briefly available in the United States in the 90’s!
Oh yes! These we have certainly had before and boy oh boy are they delicious!
These milk chocolate bars are filled with a bubbly chocolate mousse. They are D.E.L.E.C.T.A.B.L.E. After doing a little bit of internetting we’ve found these were originally mint flavored!
These are a lot like Caramello bars. Pro Tip: The reason the chocolate from Canada tastes so much better is that Canada has higher standards for chocolate.
These have a thin caramel inside that bursts in your mouth and is just all around tasty!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Get Canucked Box is a fun way to get your snack fix – particularly if you’re yearning for some tasty chocolate! The presentation is awesome – everything arrives exactly as it should and they offer worldwide shipping which is great! Quality is superb. The chips and chocolate that we received are delicious enough that you don’t have to be Canadian born to enjoy them but it’s a great way to get a taste of home if you are! The curation is – out of this world! What an awesome assortment! There was SO MUCH in this box!

Use Code ASHELI15 for 15% OFF your first box

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