MyAlert Review

my alert review
My Alert is a home alert system that allows people with hearing and vision impairments to be notified of knocks at the door and telephone calls with light and vibration transmitters! 
*product was received free for review

Check out their video on how it works

So what is all this stuff?

My Alert Receiver
This mountable unit alerts you of people at your door. With many different functions like flashing light and different sounds options as well as vibration this is perfect for people who have trouble hearing, or seeing. There are so many different options to choose from
The side has a switch for just lights or lights and sounds or just sounds (so you could use this as a normal doorbell as well)
You can choose to use this with a cord or with batteries. The easy flip open front makes installing and choosing your sound variations very simple!
The different alerts! We love the “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain”
Wireless Doorbell Transmitter
This is your actual doorbell. When you order this you’ll receive everything you need to mount and drill this into the facade of your home!
Bed Shaker Wakeup Pad
This is an attachment that allows you to be alerted of calls or visitors with a vibrating pad
This would definitely let you know someone was calling!
Wireless Transmitter
This device does two things lets you know you’re receiving a phone call or that your baby is crying. Simply put this device with the phone or baby and when it detects sound your receiver will notify you!

So in summary

We think that MyAlert is an great system that allows you to be notified when there are guests and incoming calls particularly if you have trouble hearing or seeing. We like the design of all of the items that we included! This system can definitely make a huge difference in people lives!

Check Out MyAlert

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