Global Gastronauts Subscription Box Review + Coupon | October 2016

global gastronauts review
Global Gastronauts is a monthly subscription box that takes you and your child on a tasting adventure! Great for ages 4-10 every box brings flavors from a different country. Each month you’ll receive a market list, spice packs, information about the country you are tasting in that box and a featured surprise! Upon subscribing you’ll receive a passport and an apron. Each month you’ll receive an iron patch for your apron of the country that you visited. Subscriptions are $29.99 monthly and if you use code GOGO you’ll get your 2nd cooking box FREE

*product was received free for review / contains affiliate links

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the global gastronauts box
Our first glimpse inside the Global Gastronauts Subscription Box. We were so excited to find out which country our flavors for the month were inspired by!
what's in the global gastronauts box
Everything that we received in our Global Gastronauts Subscription Box. We’re going to Ecuador!

So what is all this stuff?

There was a lot of information provided with the Global Gastronauts Subscription. The left pictured above is a country unscrambler which is a great way for kids to get to know the names of other countries. The right is a list of age appropriate kitchen skills broken down by age. 18m to 3 yr, 3-5 yr, and the reverse had 6-8 and 8-10. We love this! We have a kid in each category.
A list of different cooking terms
A prominent spice in our spice packet this month was Achiote and this little card breaks down bits of information about this lesser known but tasty spice
A card with different kitchen techniques
Our market list. Surprisingly, we had everything but cilantro on hand – yahoo!
And of course our recipe. Ecuadorian Chalafon Fried Rice. This seems simple enough that the kids can help in a big way! There’s also a recipe for a cucumber salad on the back!
There were two bouillon cubes included
Two spice packets were included as well. The mixture in both is organic cumin, organic annatto, organic garlic, and organic onion
A cute little mini whisk to whisk our eggs!
Just for fun! There are 136 cutesy stickers in this little booklet!
Our passport. Inside there are stickers with countries on them that the children can put on the empty pages. So cute!
Some fun Global Gastronauts sticker sheets. Love that these are not gender specific!
How cute is this?!
Here’s our iron on patch and it’s accompanying instructions
Our awesome Global Gastronauts Apron!

Okay, so now what?

Now we get to cooking! We followed the recipe and gave the kids the tasks that we felt they were up to.
We started out with our veggies for the fried rice and if you think those green onions look a little sad… we grew them. 
We chop it all up and set it aside
Our helper was ready to crack some eggs! 
See how puffy her cheeks look? She was stealing peppers! 
Cracking eggs is so much fun!
And of course whisking them is fun as well!
Scramble them up!
Next we put Penny to work cutting the cucumbers and onions for the salad
In the meantime we started cooking our vegetables (mind you our rice is already on the stove!)
We made a fun mess and were really multi-tasking
Here’s our finished fried rice – it was delicious!
And our cucumber lime salad! Which was also tasty!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Global Gastronauts Subscription Box is a fun way to introduce your children to new flavors and have them see the meal from start to finish. The presentation is awesome – everything is packaged well and looks great! The quality is awesome, we love all of the information that we received and that the spices are all organic. And curation! They’ve really done the leg work so we don’t have to. They put together the recipes and ingredients and all the information so we’re really letting our kids delve into these new flavors. It’s an awesome subscription box!
Don’t forget use code GOGO to get your second cooking box FREE

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