Holstee Mindfulness Subscription Box Review | November 2016

holstee review
Holstee is a monthly mindfulness subscription box that sends packages with a thoughtful theme. Each package includes and art print and an action list with ideas and tips that help us learn and grow. Subscriptions are $12 monthly – there is an option for a digital subscription as well for $9

Here’s the Box Breakdown
Everything that we received in this month’s Holstee. Our theme is “Gratitude” 

So what is all this stuff?

An excerpt from a TED Talk is included on Gratitude. 
Action List
Our action list covers all the areas of gratitude.
There are ideas to practice showing gratitude right now, in the next month and how to incorporate it into your daily routine. There’s also some ideas for gratitude journaling. 
Art Print
This is perfect. What a great reminder that our problems (in relation to most of the rest of the worlds) are small and minutae. Be thankful for the million wonderful things in your life and not for that one tiny thing that hasn’t gone your way!
And the back has this little blurb about gratitude.

So in summary

We can’t do our typical break down on a subscription like Holstee because we pretty much know what we’re getting when we sign up. We can say that the themes are thought provoking and having a “gratitude” art print hanging in plain sight is a great way to make it impossible to forget the wonderful things that we have in our lives! We definitely think the price is right for this one as well coming in at just $12! Definitely a great gift or a nice way to doll up your living space.

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