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snail essence mask
We’ve been seeing products with snail essence floating around youtube and instagram and have really wanted to try them out and see all the hype – here we have a Luke Snail Essence Mask we received to try our for you guys from Skin18! Among some of the benefits of this mask is collagen production. But there’s so much more!
*product was received free for review

So tell us more

This mask can be purchased for $1.60 on Skin18!
The snail essence helps skin improve elasticity and promotes collagen production.We did notice this mask was extra smooth on our skin and really provided nourishment. What we love most is that the snail essence helps reverse damage done by the photo aging process (damage done by UV rays). Containing a formulation of plant extracts this mask helps to soften the skin and provide ample amounts of hydration. There was no scent and the instructions were simple, apply to clean skin and let skin soak up serum for 20-30 minutes! That’s it!
Here we are and the results are astounding! This mask is amazing and we are having no trouble figuring out why everyone is flocking to snail infused skincare products! GLOWING and RADIANT. So happy with the results will definitely be repurchasing this mask!

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