Make the Holidays Merrier with Merchant Account Solutions

This holiday credit card processing just got easier thanks to Merchant Account Solutions! They’re an excellent option for all your retail credit processing needs and offer everything from a FREE retail terminal to a thermal printer, and next day funding with rates as low as 0.39% (and they accept all credit and debit cards!)

If you are searching for a wireless credit card reader, virtual terminals, smart swipe or a traditional terminal hooked up to a good old landline Merchant Account Solutions has it all! 

Did You Know?

66% of all in person transactions are made with debit or credit cards

When paying with a debit or credit card patrons spend about 20% more on average

The number of people in America carrying at least one credit card is about 175 MILLION

Accepting credit cards means you’ll save yourself a whole lot of time running to the bank depositing cash!

Just a few of the reasons to get onboard with Merchant Account Solutions…. oh and they have the best credit card swiper!

Solution Options

Retail terminals are excellent for storefront locations and face to face interactions
Swart swipe allows you to use your phone to process transactions and also emails and texts you receipts
Ecommerce enables you to receive payment right through Quickbooks
Quickbooks accepts payments anywhere your business takes you
Wireless allows you to receive payment through your online store or platform

Why Merchant Account Solutions?

Well if everything else hasn’t swayed you, you can feel confident using Merchant Account Solutions because of their 9 years of experience and the fact that they are one of the fastest growing payment solution providers at this time! Merchant Account Solutions will tailor the solution to fit the company – whether you’re a Mom and Pop shop or a Fortune 500. They’re revolutionizing the payment industry with excellent support and unheard of technology while always keeping your bottom line in mind!

Check Out Merchant Account Solutions 

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