Chronic Dry Skin Care from At Home Where Healing Happens Review

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At Home Where Healing Begins has a whole hospital grade line of products that are safe to use at home. There are systems for incontinent skin care, diabetic skin, fragile and bruising skin, radiation skin, antifungal skin, venous skin, edema skin, and chronically dry skin (what we’re reviewing today). This system is intended to deal with the condition Xerosis (dry skin) in two steps. Included in this box (available at Amazon for $19.99) are educational materials, a 6 ounce bottle of the Clean N Moist cleanser, and a 4 ounce bottle of the renewal skin moisturizer. 
*product was received free for review

Okay so tell us more!

The first step is to apply the Clean N Moist Cleanser. The primary ingredient of this cleanser is Dimethicone (a silicone) and a few of it’s inactive ingredients are Aloe, Oat and Shea (along with a host of other plant based additives). 
To apply rub on affected areas and then wipe off with moist clean towel. This is a thin liquid and smells a lot like orange cream which is nice! You can apply this up to twice daily
Our second step is to apply our Renewal Skin Moisturizer. This creamy moisturizer has many of the same active and inactive ingredients as the Clean N Moist except for the inclusion of C13-14 Isoparaffin, which acts as an emollient and a thickening agent. To use simply apply up to twice daily after using the Clean N Moist Cleanser. This also smells like orange cream to us!

Okay so results?

We have a spot of skin under our wedding ring that is chronically peeling, itching and DRY. We decided to try the system on that. First we applied the cleanser and followed the directions. Just after one application of that our skin looked visibly smoother and more hydrated. But after the application of the moisturizer you wouldn’t even know it was JUST sore!
After just one day these are our results! We experienced an immediate reduction in itchiness and redness and also peeling and while you can slightly see the outline of where the dry patch was we are 100% confident that this system will heal it!

So in summary

This system is excellent for people suffering from dry skin and looking for a product that will help their tender skin heal. We like the smell and the immediate results. We know that this time of year puts a lot of stress on our skin and we are happy to know that a product like this is out there to help relieve some of the symptoms!

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