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dealspotr review
Dealspotr is innovating the way we use coupon sites. In the short few months we’ve been apart members of the website we’ve felt a real sense of community there. It’s an interesting and new experience. Incorporating things like social sharing tools and the ability to edit deals that may have expired gives users the power to create a friendly marketplace. And what’s even better is that you can follow people and accounts whose deals you really like!

OKAY … but what else?

Quite frankly, we’re glad you asked. You can sign up on Dealspotr as an influencer (if you are interested in this shoot me a message and I’ll pass along some of my limited coupon codes) which gives you the power to add deals, spot deals and earn points. All points on Dealspotr are redeemable for Amazon Gift Cards! This is an AWESOME way to make some extra pocket change / Christmas money! We’ve earned (without much time AT ALL) almost $20. And since you’re paid in $10 increments you don’t have to wait long until you’ve got a cool $10 in your amazon wallet!

Are There any Fees to be a Member?

Absolutely not! It’s completely free and the more you add to the community the more you are rewarded. We love being a part of Dealspotr and hope that it continues to grow the way it has! 

How about a walkthrough?

When you sign up with Dealspotr you’ll select some basic interests for yourself. Deals that are labeled with this interest (and later you’ll help to sort deals based upon this factor) will appear in your Dealspotr feed. 
When you first log on to Dealspotr you’ll find your dashboard. Here you can see deals you’ve posted, followers, and all of the basic applications you can perform from the Dealspotr platform. If you look up at the right corner you’ll see a refer button. From here you can refer your  friends to earn points. To the left of that on our screen shot you will see the number 4. That is our list of daily tasks. Perform all four and earn extra points. At 10,000 points you’ve earned a gift card. 
In this screenshot you’ll see the discover deals section. This section allows you to sort through different interests and “trending” deals. You can use the coupon codes, like the deal, or one of the coolest tools in our opinion is to share the deal to your other social media platforms. 

So are you sold yet?

We think it’s obvious why Dealspotr is superior to every other deal site out there. It’s user friendly and basically — edited and updated by it’s more than 30,000 members which makes it one of the most comprehensive deal sites in existence. But if that isn’t enough there’s always the incentive of earning your own gift cards in exchange for sharing all the deals that you already know about and referring your friends. To us it seems like a nobrainer… what about you?!

Check Out Dealspotr

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