K Beauty: Luke Mugwort Nose Strip from Skin18 Review

luke mugwort nose strip
The next stop on our K Beauty Tour takes us to this Luke Mugwort Nose Strip. These are actually available for FREE on the Skin18 site (just pay shipping and handling) in fact there are tons of freebies you can get on Skin18 for just the price of shipping!
*product was received free for review

Okay so tell us more

This pore cleansing nose strip comes in a variety. We received Mugwort which is a type of aromatic plant found in Europe. This strip removes dirt and unclogs pores. And it’s simple to use. Simply wash your face and then dry. Thoroughly wet your nose and apply the strip smooth side down. Wait 10-20 minutes and then peel off slowly. Follow up with toner and lotion! 

In summary

These work great! We love that they get all the stuff our fingers can’t! They do leave a slight residue afterwards so we’d recommend going over your nose afterwards with a warm, wet washcloth! They have literally no smell and you’ll know when it’s time to take it off because it becomes stiff! Highly recommend trying these out!

Check Out the Luke Mugwort Nose Strip

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