Chipex Road Rash Kit Review + Giveaway!

chipex review
Chipex is a revolutionary car paint touch up system. They offer a variety of products that out perfom all the competitors. We received one of their touch up kits to show you guys before and after photos and a GIVEAWAY (keep scrolling – you know it isn’t that easy!)
*product was received free for review

The Chipex Kit contains everything you need to touch up chips, scratches and road rash. It’s all conveniently packaged inside this little tube
Here’s everything that you receive. There’s a paint that you choose when you purchase along with tiny microfiber brushes, a pair of gloves, a shammy, a blue cloth, a foam block, polish and blending solution!
As you can see the paint is an EXACT match.. which sort of blows our mind. There are three integral steps in the Chipex process. painting, blending and polishing. And we did them all to see how easy it really was!


We identify the problem area. Our van is pretty new so it doesn’t have chips… yet. But it certainly has some scratches. Here you can see this area that is riddled with them. And as a disclaimer… we’ve never done something like this before – so our skill level: NOVICE
We use our microfiber brush and apply paint to the scratches. It takes about 1-2 minutes for it to dry – so it’s relatively quick.


We use the foam block to create a flat surface with our cloth and then add the blending solution and gently rub over the paint to remove any excess
And we went just a little overboard with paint so we had to swipe a number of times 
Here it is after the blending process. The solution has an almost mattifying effect


We add our polish to our shammy and polish the area.
Here is our “After” photo – the results are astounding! We can’t believe what an awesome job this does. Not only that, there’s enough in the bottle to last like… forever. We highly recommend this kit if you are looking for a car paint touch up system!

And of course…. the GIVEAWAY

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