Surprizamals Mystery Egg Review + Unboxing

surprizamals review
So… the kids around here seem to be HOOKED on youtube videos of kids opening surprise eggs. Surprise Eggs kind of don’t work for us because the tiny toys inside aren’t safe for little kids. But Surprizamals changes all that! It’s a surprise egg with a little plushie inside. 12 different animals in total and you never know which one you’re going to get!
*product received free for review

 Check out the unboxy box video

Okay so tell us more!

surprizamals plush
Surprizamals come from a family owned toy company called Beverly Hills Teddy Bear. There are 12 different possibilities in each egg that range from Collector to Rare to Ultra Rare. We had a lot of fun (watch the unboxing) opening ours. We received 2 Gerri Giraffes.. who Belle has deemed twins and believe us when we say they are inseparable!
Everything about these plushies is adorable. From the size (about a thumb) to the soft fur and their cute glittery eyes! These make an excellent stocking stuffer or just a little incentive for doing chores! 
Each little toy has a tag that has their name, birthday and their favorite color. Gerri buddy, did you know that we love orange too? 
Each Surprizamal in the “Cuties Series 1” is $4.90 cents. There is also a Softies line and a Wacky’s line available as well which offers more options. 
What we love most is how in love the kids were with these little toys! They were excited and ecstatic to see these little eggs. Suprizamals are so much fun we don’t see a reason NOT to buy them! 

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