Kidstir Subscription Box Review + Unboxing | December 2016

kidstir review
Kidstir is a monthly cooking subscription for kids. Each month your child will receive three new recipes focused around a theme and add them to his or her cookbook! Your first month’s welcome kit includes a cookbook binder, 3 recipes, 2 kid sized tools, a shopping list, games and puzzles and a 2 year subscription to either Family Fun, Parents or Everyday with Rachel Ray. Subscriptions are $15.95 monthly with reduced prices for longer subscription terms
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Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the kidstir box
Our first glimpse inside the Kidstir Subscription Box. This month’s theme is “Winter Wonderland Cookies.” The kids are so excited!
what's in the kidstir box
Everything that we received in the Kidstir Box for December. How cute and colorful!

So what is all this stuff?

This binder will house each of the recipes we receive from Kidstir. There are dividers for each kind of food / meal
This is the first page of the binder that explains how we’ll be using the binder
hot cocoa cookie recipe
Our first cookie recipe is this Hot Cocoa Cookie. These cookies slip on to the side of your mug and are to be dipped and eaten with your hot cocoa.
Our detailed photo instructions and ingredients list. This also shows the kitchen skills that we’ll be learning!
snowball truffles
This recipe is simple and scrumptious! These little chocolate balls are doused in confectioners sugar!
Our instructions like all instructions from Kidstir are simple enough for little hands!
snowflake shortbread recipe
These adorable cookies smell so amazing when you are baking because they include maple syrup! We got to make our very own homemade icing to coat these
This recipe teaches us how to use a pastry bag! 
A page on how to roll cookie dough. 
Homemade hot cocoa recipe
To top our shortbread cookies
This is really the most creative part of the whole baking process!
Our two activities included in this month’s Kidstir is this Snowflake Math page and a Snow Globe Craft!
We also received two sheets of gift tags – these are super cute!
A pastry bag to ice our shortbread cookies
We also received 5 colorful frosting tips
Just because they were so cute!
To cut out our hot cocoa cookies we need little star cutouts!

Okay so now what?

First we prep our dough, for this we enlisted the help of Oliver
He was beyond excited!
Here we are with our ball of hot cocoa cookie dough
For the truffles we have to heat up whipping cream on the stove and add the chocolate chips to combine. Obviously Oliver couldn’t really have any part in this.
Simply stir until melted and then refrigerate in a small bowl
Ready to chill!
Our final dough took time to manipulate and really turn into a dough!

A few hours later…

We start out by creating our icing with sugar, butter, vanilla and milk
This one just requires a spoon and not an electric mixer
After rolling out our hot cocoa dough we start cutting out our cookies
First batch. You are supposed to put little notches for your cup but we left our first batch as is
Next, we sift out our confection sugar for the chocolate truffles
Here is Penny cutting out the second batch of cookies
Our finished cut outs!
Our finished truffles! These were trickier (and messier) than the other cookies but very yummy
Here is Belle cutting out the circles for the shortbread cookies
Ready to pop in the oven!
Unfortunately we iced them a bit too soon… and this was our result!
While the kiddos sipped on hot cocoa and ate cookies… we did all the cleaning… yes, apparently that’s the one part of cooking they are NOT interested in!

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Kidstir Subscription is a great way to foster a love of cooking in young kids. We love that it gives them the tools (in kid size) to complete their tasks and the techniques that help them think differently! The presentation is great – everything is super cute and arrives exactly as it should! The quality is awesome and the curation is phenomenal! We love the three cookie recipes that they wrangled up for us. Not only do they implement a number of techniques but they are also kid friendly and pretty simple. We think this is an excellent way to bond with your children – a perfect Christmas gift!

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