Zen Rose Garden Crystal Mojo Club Review + Unboxing | December 2016

zen rose garden crystal mojo club review
Zen Rose Garden offers a monthly crystals and coaching subscription box  called the Crystal Mojo Club. Each box features a themed box with crystals and gemstone jewelry along and a personal coaching message. There are four different subscriptions; the Intuitive Kit for $19.97, the Apprentice Kit (what we’re reviewing) for $29.97, the Mystic Kit for $39.97, and the Alchemist Kit for $69.97. 
*product was received free for review

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the crystal mojo club subscription
Our first glimpse inside the Crystal Mojo Club Subscription
what's in the crystal mojo club box
Everything that we received in our Crystal Mojo Club Box for this month. This is the “Apprentice Kit” and we are so in love with these wintery colors!

So what is all this stuff?

Our inserts are all housed inside this envelope addressed to us!
Our first sheet breaks down the pricing and retail values
And our second sheet introduces us to our personal message for this month, “Surrendering to Stillness”. With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas it’s important to remember that with the warmth of summer gone – our retreat indoors should be a time of relaxation and spending time with the people that matter. Turn this season into a time of slowing down, taking stock and contemplation
snow quartz quan yin connection
This beautiful white bracelet is a gentler version of a clear quartz. Opens our Crown Chakras and serves as a beacon for energies from the Angelic Realm. This stone encourages us to slow down and observe the world with innocence and childlike wonder. 
You can wear this bracelet when you meditate or carry for energetic support for feminine issues, great for wearing at times of new beginnings or for safe travels in the snow, This stone enhances calm and dispels anxious or nervous energy. 
We received so much information on all of the stones included – these are our sheets about Snow Quartz. 
tourmalinated quartz
This stone fuses together both clear quartz and black tourmaline while combining both stones powers. Makes an excellent deflector of negative energies and amplifies energies while raising consciousness. 
This stone balances opposites, including Yin-Yang energies. Use this stone to meditate on your life purpose, for good luck, and energy healing. Carrying this stone with you will keep you from picking up negative vibrations or by your computer to clear electromagnetic pollution!
All of our information on Tourmalinated Quartz was on these pages
zebra jasper pendant necklace
This gorgeous necklace is a perfect match to the both the bracelet and the stone that we received. We love how they all have similar colors. What’s more this stone helps with motivation and determination! While dispelling apathy this stone makes it unacceptable to show the world anything but our true selves. 
Like the Tourmalinated Quartz this stone is also said to balance opposing energies. This helps us to be unbiased in our assessments. It also helps to balance all of our chakras and eliminates gray areas and confusion. Connected to Libras and their need for balance this gem also resonates with Gemini and Pisces.
Use this stone to easily recall dreams, Great for overcoming any division – be it racial, gender, class or anything. You can also use these to create a balanced feng-shui in the home.
Our information on the Zebra Jasper necklace.

So in summary

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Zen Rose Garden Crystal Mojo Club is an awesome way to take a step back and self evaluate and a great way to dabble with crystals. We love the different options as far as subscription types – it seems there’s one for everyone. The presentation is terrific, we love that everything is individually wrapped and arrives exactly as it should. The quality is fantastic. Each of the items is well made and beautiful and we love the personal coaching messages we receive. The curation? EXCELLENT! We love that the colors go well together so we can wear our pieces together and that they work towards our coaching message for that month as well! 
As far as box economy the Crystal Mojo Club that we received costs $29.97 and for that we received $55.99 in items which is an amazing deal! 

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