Japanese Detox Tea from Wabi-Sabi Review

dokudami tea review
Wabi-Sabi Tea recently introduced Japanese Detox Tea to it’s product list. This caffeine free tea contains Dokudami leaves and has many health benefits and can be purchased for $16.20 a bag
*product was received free for review

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So tell us more!

Made from the Dokudami plant which grows naturally all over Japan and has a distinct smell in gardens that is not detectable once the leaves have dried. This detoxifying tea literally translated means, “poison block” as it helps to rid your body of harmful bacteria and improves your overall constitution, This tea is universally renowned as one of Japan’s cure all herbs! It contains minerals like; Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese and Zinc and also flavonoids which prevent aging. The benefits are numerous and include but are not limited to:


Improves Regularity

Contains Natural Anti Microbial Agents

Rids Body of Harmful Toxins

Prevents High Blood Pressure

Relieves Menstural Cramps and Bloating 

The tea comes with brewing instructions. Very simple – almost like any other loose leaf tea except that it’s steeped for just 30 seconds.
The tea is a very pale color and tastes very herbal-y, it’s mild and almost sweet. We love this tea and love the healthy benefits that it gives us! 
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*While this tea is caffeine free it should be limited to 1-2 cups a day for pregnant women. 

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