Glam Jewelry Box Review + Unboxing | December 2016

glam jewelry box review
Glam Jewelry Box is a monthly jewelry subscription that curates closeout jewelry from retail stores. This box is an excellent choice for the frugal gals and “bargainistas” out there. Each box contains 8 pieces worth $80 in retail value. Subscriptions are $25 monthly
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Here’s the Box Breakdown
our first look in the glam jewelry box
Our first glimpse inside the Glam Jewelry Box
what's in the glam jewelry box
Everything that we received in the Glam Jewelry Box. This is the most impressed we’ve been in a subscription box in a LONG time! There’s so MUCH in this box. It’s absolutely full of jewelry!

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert. This month’s theme is “Merry & Bright”
This bold necklace is definitely a statement piece that we think would look great paired with a simple dress. The gold and black are classic but the layers of gold paired with the chain gives this an edgier look!
This originally retailed for $9.80!
These gorgeous dangling earrings make an amazing addition to any holiday ensemble. With opalescent beads and crystal studs these eye catching earrings are beauties. Originally sold at Target these retailed for $7.99
These teardrop earrings have a lot of flow to them. The gold and turquoise colors together give these a very bohemian appeal. You can wear these with almost anything and look great! Another item that originally was sold at Target these also retailed for $7.99
We had a really hard time deciding what our favorite item in this box was. These were in the running – the colors and the chevron pattern make these unique and definitely eye catching!
You can choose to wear them alone or together. Either way they’ll make an excellent addition to your wardrobe.
Another Target find these originally retailed for $7.99
These Mediterranean inspired chandelier earrings are stunning in indigo. These were also originally sold at Target and retailed for $7.99
Another item that was in the running for favorite item! These six bangles all had different designs etched into them
These were also from Target and originally retailed for $4.99
We love the way that these look on and the noise they make – it’s very satisfying!
There’s a lot of blue earrings in this box… possible so we have a Blue Christmas? These are our favorite earrings. There’s something fun and flirty about this trimmed style – it dangles but not too much and the beads almost look like grapes. These were originally sold at JC Penney.
All we had to go on at first was this bag that said LOVE (which is cool in itself) but what was inside?
Only our favorite item in the whole box! This gorgeous gold and blue necklace has coin like pieces that dangle off and a large blue agate pendant in the center! 
(sorry about our shirt) We wanted to give you guys an idea of the length of this. Throw this over a sweater or a cocktail dress for an instant touch of glamour! 

So in summary  

We look for three things in a subscription box; quality, curation, and presentation. The Glam Jewelry Box is a monthly box of wardrobe freshening jewelry pieces and for the amount of jewelry, quality and the price point we can honestly say that we’ve never received a better jewelry box! The presentation is good – while our box came somewhat beat up everything inside was a-ok. The quality is great. Each piece that we received is beautiful! All from reputable retail stores! The curation is AWESOME! We love that the color scheme seems to be blue and gold and that there is just such a large variety. We don’t know how they find all these deals
As far as box economy the Glam Jewelry Box costs $25 and while we couldn’t find all of the prices the prices we could find alone totaled $47 which is an awesome deal and it doesn’t include all the pieces!

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