Parenting Tips from “How to Raise Great Kids” by Jim Gromer

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We’ve been reading this book, “How to Raise Great Kids” 101 Fun & Easy Ideas by Jim Gromer and can relate so much – as a parent of four we had to share our top 5 favorites with you guys! They’re all great – some we know (this isn’t our first rodeo) but some have absolutely inspired us and we love new ways to engage the kiddos!
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The inspiration for this book is of the desire to cherish the limited time and influence we have over our children. To make the most of each day and be a positive role model. The book has included the best 101 way to do that. When we started reading the book we immediately noticed in the introduction the writer mentions that his wife and himself go out of their way to make things not always fair.. but also have mercy (we so completely agree!) and that was just in the intro… we knew at that point we were really going to like this book!

Idea #1: Freebies

A freebie is a free pass to be honest without losing your cool. A freebie essentially means that you will listen when your child talks to you and tells you the truth and respond afterwards with the best course of action. We live by this. It’s essential in parenting to have an open relationship where you can talk about tough stuff anytime, day or night, uncomfortable as it may be without squelching their voice. This means they are more likely to open up to you when there’s a problem or if they need your advice.

Idea #3: Your Job as Parent

This idea basically expounds on the ideology that children have jobs too. Just like adults you do the “work” first and the “play” second. If you want to watch TV you have to clean your room – no ifs and’s or buts

Idea #52: Start a Business

On the writer’s children’s 10th birthday they are given $50 to start a business. This allows them to delve into the many aspects of finance (we are huge fans of this as it isn’t often taught in schools). It also gets them thinking creatively and we like that. We are totally doing this for Penny’s 10th birthday because she has already expressed interest! Her friend and her mixed together different colored sands and went around the neighborhood selling them. They were so excited about this idea they even made coupons and flyers and the whole sha-bang! Love this idea!

Idea #66: How to Deal with a Non-Eater

This idea is one that we implement at home as well. It’s actually a two step process and works well for fidgety 3 year olds. When your child won’t eat don’t force them. However, keep them at the table until everyone else is finished – and as always never encourage your child to “clear” their plate rather eat until they’re satisfied. The second step is that – at the end of this meal if you’re child has refused to eat (believe us – you are not alone in this) put that baby (the food of course) back in the fridge and guess what they’re eating next meal? You guessed it, leftovers.

Idea #90: Shared Journal

This is our favorite idea and has absolutely inspired us! Get a notebook or journal and use it to write back and forth with your child. Almost like a freebie but this is so much more open ended. There doesn’t need to be a topic just empty pages for them to talk to you about their life! The goal? Maybe you just happen to catch them at a tough moment and they share with you something they wouldn’t have face to face. It’s just an added opportunity to connect with your child!

In summary

We are always looking for ways to bond with the kids. We should always be striving to be better people in all of our roles and that includes as parents. No one is perfect but it doesn’t hurt to aim for a happier household. We love that the tips included span the ages – there’s something in there for any stage! We also love that we really feel it aligns with our own parenting style! A must read for any parents out there and a great gift for the first time parent!

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