Brazilian Skinny Body Wrap Kit Review

brazilian body wrap review
The Brazilian Skinny Body Wrap Kit helps you to loses belly fat, reduce eczema, cellulite and stretchmarks in a hurry. Great for shedding that post baby bump or for a quick fix for a night out. Each 15 day supply (what we’re reviewing today) costs $49
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The directions are simple. Apply the gel on clean skin and wrap in the clear wrap for 45 minutes. Some of the ingredients in this gel include; Jojoba Oil, Squalene, Sorbitan Olivate (which aids in skin water loss), Ginko Extracts, Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract, Cocoa Bean Extract and Aloe Vera.

So tell us more?!

Alright, so it took a lot of courage to post this but there it is.  Our pre-wrap photo.
Also, you can use these wraps on your arms, legs and pretty much anywhere you need a little toning not just your tummy.
Here we are with the wrap on. Don’t mind the soap all over the sink. We share this bathroom with little people
And here is our after. There’s a diminished appearance of cellulite and definitely increased tummy definition. What’s more, you can use these every day for 15 days to get the maximum benefit out of your wraps! 

So in summary

We think these work great for a night out or to help start you on your way to weight loss. This isn’t a forever fix though, nothing will replace diet and exercise but these definitely give you the visuals you need to begin to see the changes! 

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