CiPU Diaper Bag Review + GIVEAWAY!

cipu diaper bag review
The CiPU (c-poo) diaper bag is pretty much the greatest diaper bag ever. While we received this Navy print there are 11 prints available in total. Each bag is water repellent, lightweight, and comes with a bevy of different attachments and accessories. Bags are $158.58
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It came in an outer Amazon Box and then in this cute little bag. We didn’t know what to expect inside it so we’ll leave you with our unboxing video

Check out the unboxy box video

The bag is really large and holds so much stuff (and if you are a Mom you know just how important that can be). We love that this doesn’t look like a diaper bag and honestly looks pretty swanky if you ask us! There are zippered compartments on the outside as well as two cup holders. One for you and one for baby!
We love that there’s two! Will definitely come in handy
Also included in our diaper bag are two stroller straps so that we can easily transport our bag without it dragging on the ground (something we think EVERY MOM has been through)
But that isn’t even the best part. Inside your CiPU Diaper Bag you’ll find 2 small bags. One a wristlet and the other a double layer pouch for storing small items you may need to find easily.
This is perfect for money, cell phone and any of your other essentials.
The wristlet is great to keep small snacks in – the attachment keeps it from being squished beneath your other items. But the beauty of the CiPU Diaper Bag is really that you can use these items however they suit your busy lifestyle!
Inside the main diaper bag you will find many pockets to easily organize all those items that get tossed in Mom’s bag! We love how the inside is bright and pink! 
Also included in our CiPU Diaper Bag is this shoulder strap cushion for support while carrying; and key holder that can be pulled so you can easily unlock your doors! 
Our favorite part is the secret under-layer of this bag, though. It’s perfect for putting soiled baby clothes (we’ve all been there) and a great place for storing your diaper changing pad that also comes with your Diaper Bag. 
We have to say that we are totally in love with this bag. It’s lightweight and looks great so we don’t have to look like frumpy old maids when we are using it. But it’s also ridiculously functional and has so many accessories and attachments that will no doubt come in handy!

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