Walmart Beauty Box Review + Unboxing | Winter 2016

walmart beauty subscription box review
Each quarter Walmart releases a beauty box that is FREE. All you pay is a $5 shipping fee. Inside you’ll find a range of beauty samples (some foil) and sometimes full size makeup items. Upon subscribing you’ll fill out a short beauty quiz that determines whether you receive the Trendsetter or Classic Box (both are determined by age). 

Check out the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown
our first look in the walmart beauty box
Our first glimpse inside the Walmart Beauty Box for Winter. We have to say we love what they’re doing here! It’s cute!
what's in the walmart beauty box
Everything that we received in the Walmart Beauty Box. Not a bad splay for $5

So what is all this stuff?

Our box insert
tresseme fresh start dry shampoo
Ugh, another dry shampoo. We rarely use these so we’ll be passing this along!
neutrogena norwegian formula hand cream
We don’t use many lotions and hand creams but the winter when we get chapped and our skin is paper thin is the one exception. We have been staying away from these big brands because of all the pthalates, parabens and mineral oils they use. We have to say though this gel like formula is really nice. Just a thin layer of coverage great for everyday use!
dove dry oil moisture with argan oil
We have so many Dove Nutrium Body Wash’s but this is the first with Argan Oil. And you guys know how we feel about Argan Oil. Has a bit of a musky cashmere scent. Very nice!
curel hydratherapy
Another product with an incredibly amazing formula… very much like velvet. Meant to be used after shower when the skin in wet to help lock in moisture. However, the formula is less than desirable one of the first ingredients was a paraben. 

burt's bees naturally nourishing body lotion
Love Burt’s products There was one that we fell in love with as a baby lotion that we used on Vivienne and while this isn’t the same scent or formula it does bear similarities. This has a milk and honey formula that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
If you use a blow dryer this stuff is probably amazing! Just a foil but if it introduces you to a holy grail what does it really matter?
garnier whole blends green apple and green tea
This sounds fun. The scent is green apple and green tea and the bottle is … you guessed it. Green. Another set of foils but who’s complaining!
Coupons for $1 OFF either People, InStyle, or StyleWatch
Eh, not our style but definitely something our Mom will like!

So in summary

For $5 it’s not bad. Is it an amazing box full of high end brands or new discoveries? No. Is it a $5 box full of some essentials we’ll probably get a lot of use out of? Yes. It’s FREE how can you beat that. If you are interested in getting your feet wet with subscription boxes the Walmart Beauty Box is the way to go! 

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