Stitch Fix #7 Review + Unboxing | January 2017

stitch fix review
Stitch Fix is a monthly styling subscription. You’ll receive 5 pieces of clothes / accessories for $20. Return all within 3 days or apply your $20 fee towards your purchase. If you purchase all items you’ll receive a 25% discount
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Here’s the Box Breakdown
first look in the stitch fix box
Our first glimpse inside our Stitch Fix Box. Along with our clothing we receive a note from our stylist, a price sheet and a return (postage paid) bag.

So what is all this stuff?

tinsel kamala skinny jean
Burgundy again! These were super soft and pretty but we have a very strong indication we would tire of these colors! Perfect cut and fit though. Kind of sad to send them back!
$28 (scarf) $48 (sweater)
These two pieces not only coordinated perfectly together but when paired with the pants was an awesome outfit. We felt grown up in this in a good way but at the end of the day- this is $144 in clothes that the kids will put their snot and PB & J sandwiches all up on … SENT BACK!
loveappella regena mixed material knit top
So 90’s this mixed material top is soft and pretty and we have to admit we love this style. The fit on us seemed a bit big but we love the contrast of the prints. We have received a shirt that was a bit like this before but with long sleeves
market & spruce angelo cargo anorak jacket
We’ll admit this jacket is much cooler on than when we see it in the box. But it’s more a rain jacket than a heavy winter jacket which is what we’d expect for $108. We love that it has a military vibe though
It had all sorts of buttons zippers and pulls… lots going on but the fabric and color were both on point!
This though…. ugh kills it. Very granny

So in summary

This fix wasn’t awful and while we didn’t keep anything (we never do) we are going to keep receiving them hoping for that Holy Grail of Stitch Fix Boxes. We do like the stylist that we’ve had, Sathya and think she’s nailed down our style more than any of the others!

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